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Hit Cancer Below the Belt!

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‘Hit Cancer Below the Belt’ is Team Elmer’s campaign to raise community awareness and provide screenings for cancers which might otherwise go unrecognized. We’ve been touched by the recent death of one of our own, Pete Oliver. As such, we’ve elected to Hit Cancer Below the Belt.

All proceeds from this year’s efforts will go to raise awareness for colorectal, prostate, testicular, cervical, and ovarian cancer, encouraging people to get screened, help Cancer Support Units at Munson Healthcare, and help under insured or uninsured individuals get these screenings through the Traverse Health Clinic.

Team Elmer’s has been helping the residents, children, charities, and businesses of northern Michigan since 1956. Last year alone, we supported more than 100 local charities, and also raised and donated $38,138 for breast cancer awareness alone.


If you want to help, text “FIGHT” to 52000 to donate $10 to Munson Healthcare Regional Foundation Cancer Support Units. Be sure to reply “YES” to confirm.


How to Get Screened

Do you have insurance?
Schedule an appointment with your primary care physician today!

No insurance?
Contact Traverse Health Clinic at (231) 935-0799 and ask for a Member Services Representative. The Clinic provides access to preventive health services and peace of mind for the uninsured, following ACS recommended guidelines for cancer screenings to people who would otherwise go without.

Cancer Information and Resources

American Cancer Society
Cervical Cancer
Colon/Rectal Cancer

Ovarian Cancer National Alliance
Prostate Cancer Foundation
Testicular Cancer Resource Network
Men's Blog

Did you know?

In a lifetime: 1 in 20 people will be affected by colon cancer.

What's Up your Butt? Don't Know? Get Checked!
The second-deadliest cancer is almost entirely preventable. More than 150,000 Americans are diagnosed with colon cancer every year, and 53,000 die annually from the disease. But more than 60 percent of all cases could easily be caught earlier, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Why is this important? Colon cancer is 90 percent curable when caught early. The disease starts when a few abnormal cells in the colon develop into polyps. Then, 10 to 15 years later, those polyps turn malignant and often spread to other parts of the body. But, through regular screening, doctors can find and remove the polyps while they're still harmless.  --via Bill Phillips and the Editors of Men's Health

Prostate Cancer - a silent killer : 1 in 6 men will be affected by prostate cancer! Don't let your loved ones suffer in silence. Screening is key. Take your father, husband, brother, or loved one to the doctor to get screened.