Above and beyond

Dear Elmer's,

On Thursday May 5 two of your men (Tom Demitroff & Pete Oliver) found my mother-in-law wandering up and down Dracka Road. She was very confused as to where she was and where she was going. She has dementia and walked away from the assisted living home where she resides almost one mile down from where they found her. It was 87 degrees out that day and she had 2 sweaters and a light weight turtle fur jacket on. Needless to say she was probably close to heat exhaustion and lucky to have not been hit by a passing vehicle.

Tom and Pete were able to get her to sit in the shade and then procured water for her. They were then able to get her name and looked us up in the phone book and brought her to her former home next door to us. If it weren't for the quick thinking actions of these two men I fear for what might have happened to her.

We are currently looking into a tracking system for her or she may need to be moved into a locked down facility. I don't know if somebody can be so lucky to have received the type of help that your tow men gave her more than once.

We wanted to bring this to the attention of the supervisors of these two men and how much they went out of their way to help somebody.

Alan and Donna Dolwick