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A Look Back at the Mini Mac!

Get A Load Of This! - Episode 7: The Mini Mac

The Great Lakes Children's Museum provides a hands-on, interactive, and informal educational environment for children, and they have added yet another exhibit to their collection.

The new "Building Bridges" exhibit was added earlier this year in June and is a scaled down replica inspired by the Mackinac Bridge that children can get an up-close, hands-on look at! 

The Great Lakes Children's Museum first reached out to Team Elmer's several years ago about helping with a road construction exhibit. However, that idea changed course resulting in the new Mini Mac exhibit!

The Mini Mac is also accompanied by a hand-painted mural from the students at the Interlochen Visual Arts Program. The mural is intended to mimic the environments found on either side of the bridge.

A special thanks also goes out to Tim Woll of V&S Detroit Galvanizing for donating the process to galvanize the bridge, as well as Tom Moran of Moran Iron Works and the students at the Industrial Arts Institute for donating their labor. It was truly a TEAM effort!


2016 Rewind:
Top 10 of the Past Year!

Happy New Year! We hope you had a great 2016, because we sure did! Let's take a look back on 10 of our most memorable projects of the past year!

1. Longest Project
6.4 miles of Highway M-115  was reconstructed and resurfaced with 50,000 tons of asphalt from Benzonia to Frankfort.

2. Tallest Road Lane Elevation Change
The Hwy M-113 project in Kingsley focused included two fill sections. The largest was raised 7 feet without closing the road to motorists!

3. Most Lanes of Road Closed At Once
In order to install the new 2-lane bridge on Cass Road, US-31 had to be shut down across 5 lanes of traffic to transport the giant bridge beams to the site!

4. Most Bikers Present
Lower Shore Dr in Harbor Springs was closed down to install a 400 foot wood lagging wall. But keeping cyclists out of the beautiful site was certainly a challenge!

5. Most Bricks Removed
Highway M-32 in downtown Gaylord received numerous improvements, including recycling so many bricks we lost count!

6. Most Underground Pipe
Hammond Road in Traverse City needed an update fire supression system and required 9500 feet of ductile iron and 9800 feet of C900 plastic 12" water main to be installed.

7. Closest to the Mackinac Bridge
Hillman excavation crews reconstructed 1.7 miles of roadway and expanded a portion of West Central Avenue in Mackinaw City.

8. Best Place for Ice Cream Breaks
Clinch Park Marina along Grand Traverse Bay received numerous repairs and additions to the park. It also served as a great spot to take a break next to the water!

9. Best Kept Secret
In order to bring the Cadillac City Park and City Plaza together, the existing parking lot was repurposed to include a splash pad and enclosed fireplace! Stop by a check it out!

10. Largest Colored Stamped Concrete Project
Colored stamped concrete was installed for both the street and sidewalks of Garland Street to make it more pedestrian friendly!

BONUS: 11. Biggest Group Effort
The Great Lakes Children's Museum is home to a new hands-on exhibit! See the side bar for more details!

2016 Highlight Reel

Let's have a great 2017!

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