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Downtown Projects Earn Awards of Excellence!

The Builder's Exchange of Northwest Michigan recently hosted their 10th Annual Awards of Excellence for Construction and Team Elmer's gratefully accepted awards for two projects in downtown Traverse City. Both of which were part of the city's effort to revitalize the Warehouse District.

The first project was the redesign of Garland Street. The project included replacing 458 feet of 8 inch sanitary sewer and 838 feet of storm sewer. However, the hallmark of the redesign was the various colored stamped concrete that made up both the roadway and sidewalks.

The other project honored with an award was the Pine Street Pedestrian Bridge, which linked Garland Street and the Warehouse District to the rest of the downtown area. Aside from setting the two sections of the bridge with tandem set of cranes on each side of the river, crews removed power poles and built a 13 by 26 cofferdam sheet pile box to set the abutment roughly 5 feet below the water level.

You can find the press release for the event by clicking here!

Thank you to the Builder's Exchange for honoring our team with these awards! Its great to see all the hard work recognized!

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Fix MI State! Michigan's Infrastruture is Broken.

Infrastructure touches all parts of how we live, work, and play throughout our day to day lives. However, many of Michigan's stormwater and wastewater sewer systems, drinking water systems, roads, bridges, and dams are 50 to 100 years old. 

Michigan received a "D" on the most recent national report card of states' infrastructures. According to the U.S. EPA, Michigan needs to invest more than $2.14 billion to fix and update stormwater and wastewater management across the state. A 2015 study conducted by TRIP, a national transportation research firm, reported that upgrading all of Michigan's major roads currently in poor or fair condition to good condition would cost $14.1 billion. Not to mention, investments in maintaining drinking water systems need to be increased by $284 million - $563 million a year. And that's not including the improvements needed to be made in Flint. You can also visit for more information. 

The good news is many people are working to resolve these issues. Several groups are researching action beyond the existing state and federal stimulus packages to address long-term funding. Continue to contact your representatives at the state and federal level to continue support for these needed repairs.