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Trucking Safety 101 • Moving Magnesium Injection Machines

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Moving Big Machines in Petoskey!

ZD Metal Products recently added a new magnesium injection machine to their facility in Petoskey, MI. These machines can be used to make a variety of products such as automotive parts, sporting goods, consumer electronics, and more. 

Get A Load Of This!
Episode 11: ZD Metal Products

The new machine arrived in 19 different pieces, each of which needed to be unloaded and set in place with an  80,000 lb and 100,000 lb forklift working in tandem. 

When fully assembled, the magnesium injection machine weighs upwards of 380,000 lbs and spans 57 feet long!

Trucking Safety: Sharing the Road with Larger Vehicles

You share the road with many different types of vehicles everyday. Whether it's a small compact car carrying your loved ones to work or a set of gravel trains transporting material to a job site, it's important to understand that each vehicle operates differently.

Larger vehicles have challenges that their smaller counterparts don't experience. For instance, it takes much longer to get up to speed than your average size car due to heavier legal vehicle weights and engine limitations set to reduce green house gas emissions.

These heavier truck and trailer combinations also take significantly longer to come to a complete stop than smaller vehicles. Not including reaction time, road surface, or weather conditions, at 60mph, it takes passenger vehicles roughly 316 feet to come to a complete stop, while larger trucks take about 525 feet.

Want to know more? This episode of the TEU details the limitations of heavy-haul vehicles and explains how you can help when sharing the road with them.

Team Elmer's Update - Episode 31: Trucking Safety 101

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