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Truck Safety 102 • Floating Docks in Ohio

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Installing Floating Docks in Ohio!

Our Traverse City-based Piers and Piles crew recently took a 5.5 hour road trip to the  Coast Guard Station in Lakeside Marblehead, Ohio to install 3 new concrete floating docks.

Get A Load Of This!
Episode 12: Floating Docks

In order to accomplish this, the team first drilled nine (9), 2-foot diameter holes into the limestone bedrock, each of which would hold 40-foot 18" pipe piles.

The pipe piles were then grouted 10 feet down to fit the 24" holes. These will serve as the foundation for the new concrete floating docks, replacing the previous ones destroyed by area storms.

Trucking Safety: Roundabout Etiquette, Perception of Speed, & More!

In our last Team Elmer's Update we explored how to share the road safely with larger vehicles. We discussed the importance of avoiding their blind spots and giving them extra space to manuever and brake if needed. In this episode, we continue our discussion of driver safety with heavy-haul vehicles.

In this episode we discuss how to properly share a roundabout with larger vehicles, especially those with long trailers. As well as explain how they can haul heavy loads of material because of the numerous axles used to distribute the weight. Find out more in the video below!

Team Elmer's Update - Episode 32: Truck Safety 102

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Paving Season Has Started!

Our asphalt division is in full swing and has many projects throughout northern Michigan to complete this year, especially in Leelanau County. Please be patient! We promise, it'll be worth it!