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Brown Bridge Habitat • Historical Wood Pipe

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Historical Pipe Found on Job Site

While Digging on Front St. in downtown Traverse City, Team Elmer's foreman, Pete Miller, found a water main pipe believed to be over 100 years old.

Wooden pipes covered in brass was a common practice in the  Traverse City area in the late 1800s until steel casing pipe was utilized. According to the American Water Works Association, steel pipe first entered use in the 1850's. Manufacturers rolled sheets of steel and riveted them into a pipe shape. Riveting and Lock-Bar steel pipe manufacturing were later replaced by automatic electro-fusion welding in the 1930's. 

Get A Load Of This! Episode 15: Historical Wood Pipe

Miller said they found the pipe while trying to put in new storm sewer line. 

It is unusual to find pipes like these still intact. Typically, short broken pieces are all that are found. 

Miller said he will be preserving the 6-foot treasure.

Brown Bridge Habitat: Picking Up Where Nature Left Off

The Boardman River Dams Ecosystem Resoration Project is reconnecting over 160 miles of free flowing, cold-water streams, and restoring hundreds of acres of wetlands and upland habitat. In 2012, the Brown Bridge dam was removed returning this section of the Boardman River to its original river channel. In this episode, we discuss the Brown Bridge Habitat installation, picking up where Mother Nature left off. 

Once the river channel was returned to its original location, aquatic habitat needed to be restored. In 2017, Team Elmer's installed logs and rootwads into the river to form debris jams. RCA Environmental Project Manager Brett Fessel explained these pile ups are best for fish and other aquatic organisms to feed, breed, and live.

Team Elmer's Project Manager Al MacDonald shared unique aspects on this project, stating "This project is a lot different because it's more art than science." 

Regulatory agencies put restrictions in place to ensure the integrity of the environment was preserved throughout the project. Boardman Dam, the second dam in the removal process, is currently being deconstructed on Cass Road near Keystone Road. It is slated for completion in the fall.

Team Elmer's Update - Episode 33: Brown Bridge Habitat

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Smart Commute Week Wrap-Up!

Smart Commute Week was June 5-9 in Traverse City. It's a week to promote healthy living and alternative forms of transportation.

Team member Robert Ellul has been biking to work for almost two months. Ellul was looking to get moving before sitting in his truck, delivering loads to job sites. He bikes approximately 4-5 miles one way, to and from work.