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Parking Lot D • Rooftop Gardens

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Gardens in the Air!

Recently, we were called to downtown Traverse City to give some gardeners a lift.

Get A Load Of This! Episode 17: Rooftop Gardens

Inhabitech LLC of Traverse City called on our crane to lift rock and soil supplies on top of a downtown building to install green roofs.

Inhabitech President Nathan Griswold says that green roofs, a building roof planted with vegetation in a soil medium over a waterproof membrane, help reduce the energy consumption needed to cool buildings in the summer.

Green roofs are a popular way to preserve environmental quality, and provide numerous economical and social benefits.

Green rooftops improve stormwater management through the mitigation of stormwater runoff and help decrease urban air temperatures reducing the heat island effect.  

Restoring Parking Lot D!

The City of Traverse City wanted to remove an aged boat ramp and replace it with universal water access for all in Parking Lot D. Team Elmer's, low bidder for the public project, started Parking Lot D in the fall of 2016 and completed the entire project in time for the 2017 National Cherry Festival. 

A cofferdam was utilized in order to safely remove the existing boat launch. The project faced many challenges including a small work space that required all materials stay stockpiled onsite until completion. 

Team Elmer's Update - Episode 34: Parking Lot D

One unique technology utilized was three tree boxes integral with the curbing. These tree boxes essentially take storm water from the parking lot and dischage it through the box with the theory of the trees and plants flitering the water before it goes into the river.

Find out more about Parking Lot D in Episode 34 of our Team Elmer's Update.

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