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Vintage Van Finds its way to the Job Site!

Ready-Mix-Driver Dennis Waterman recently purchased a 1966 ChevyVan.

Waterman said he was browsing Craig's List in search of a car for his son, when he noticed the van for sale. He decided to buy it because it's exactly like the first car he ever purchased. 

Dennis first bought this van style becuase he was in a band and needed something big enough to haul the equipment. The "cab-over" design, with the engine located between and behind the front seats, with the driver sitting over the front axle, allowed a flat and low deck height in the rear of the van.

1966 was the last year Chevy Vans featured the flat glass front end. On top of that, the side ChevyVan emblems were moved forward and mounted on the front doors and the antennae location was moved from the right side to the left side.

Dennis's vans have come full circle and actually says that the 1966 ChevyVan runs a lot like his mixer, which he says he enjoys. 

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Concrete Around the State!

Concrete comes in all shapes and sizes...and even locations!

In this Team Elmer's update we travel around Nothern Michigan to see what some of our concrete plants have been up to this summer.

The need for a very unique concrete floor called upon our team at the Beaverton plant to deliver over 71 yards of concrete to a hunting lodge. Several drivers were needed for this project, as an average mixer carries just over 10 yards of concrete ready-mix material. Calling on drivers from the Tri-City and Omer plants helped keep work running smoothly.

Our team delivered concrete to local Amish workers while they installed ready-mix concrete over a heated concrete floor system to be used during deer hunting season. 

Heated concrete flooring utilizes a tube system that circulates hot water. (Other in floor heat systems use electrical heating elements.) The tubes are installed prior to the ready-mix delivery. Once the concrete is installed, the surface finished, and system turned on, the hot water running through the pipe system buried in the floor create a themal mass, turning the concrete floor into a radiator of warmth. In additoin to a more efficient heating bill, feet are warm and toasty in the winter.

Team Elmer's Update - Episode 35: Around the State

While one crew delivered in Beaverton, another crew was off to Gladwin providing colored concrete to a residential driveway. With multiple ways to update your driveway, stamped colored concrete is one unique way to provide the color and texture of cobblestone with the permanence of concrete. 

Once the colored concrete is poured, a balance between workability and concrete ready-mix structure must be reached prior to applying the stamped cobblestone texture.  

After another successful pour was completed, it was time to wash the trucks out and head to another pour. 

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