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Teamwork for Safer Routes to School

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Safety First: Trench Rescue

Members of local fire departments complete quarterly rescue drills. Needing an area to practice trench rescue, Team Elmer's offered their location in Traverse City, Michigan to local rescuers.

"It’s important for us to be involved in these drills so we know how the rescue team works and they know how we work – in case they ever have to come to any company's job site to rescue someone," said Eric Seaburg, Safety Specialist at Team Elmer's.

To prevent any type of trench accident, Team Elmer's uses protective systems such as sloping, benching, and trench boxes that range from 6 to 30 square feet.

See the rescue team in action to learn how they complete a rescue!

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Making TC Safer & Walkable

As part of the Safe Routes to School Program, Traverse City received grants to install sidewalks in the areas lacking walkability. Norte, a youth-focused nonprofit in town, helped advocate for the Safe Routes program and continuously encourages kids to walk and bike to school.

While sidewalk installation will continue in 2018, during the 2017 season Team Elmer’s poured one mile of sidewalk in Traverse City – 85% new sidewalk and 15% repairs to old sidewalks. As Traverse City aims to create a safe and walkable city, Team Elmer’s couldn’t be happier to help achieve this goal.

Ty Schmidt, Norte’s executive director, explained there are many benefits to kids walking or biking to school, aside from exercise. When kids walk to school, they are engaged with their community and get to know their neighbors, there’s less traffic congestion and, therefore, less pollution. It also “turns their brains on” so they’re ready for their school day. Creating a more walkable city will make sure kids can walk to school safely.

Learn more about the 2017 City Sidewalk Pour project!

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