A Change of Direction - Part 2

January 8, 2016, 12:00 am

You Need a Plan

The other day I was in a room talking to a group of guys and we were discussing the value of making New Year’s resolutions. One guy mentioned that he no longer makes resolutions. Out of curiosity, I asked him why and I found his response to be quite interesting. He said that his resolutions never seem to leave his head. This guy is like a lot of us. His good intentions never end up being anything other than a thought.

Realizing we need to change or want to change is the first step in the process. The key to successful change is to take a thought and turn it into a workable plan. Say, for example, a person wants to lose twenty-five pounds in the next year. The next step is to begin a plan outlining how to lose that twenty-five pounds. It is often helpful to write down what needs to be done to lose the desired weight. Write down as many things as you can think of. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Exercise five days a week. Cut out sweets from your diet. Make list of certain types of exercise you want to do. Then you tweek the plan to make it more specific. Write down how many servings of fruits and vegetables you are going to eat each day. How long are you going to exercise each day? What specific exercises are you going to do on specific days? Are you going to increase the intensity of your exercise after a certain amount of time? How often will you weigh yourself as a means to evaluating your progress?  By working the plan, what was once only a thought has become a goal.

One biblical example of planning is found in the Book of Luke. It is the story commonly referred to as The Prodigal Son.  In the story, a young man decides to leave home and plans to pretty much live a life of partying. He eventually runs out of money, however, and realizes this plan has put him in a pretty desperate situation. The Bible says that he then came to his senses. After coming to his senses, he resolved to go back home to his father. His first step was to create a new plan of what he would say to his father and what he would do to be useful once he arrived back home. He made his plan, went back home, and followed through on his resolution.

If we are going to be successful we need a plan. Imagine how different your life would be if some of those amazing ideas you have had over the years were actually put into practice. The power of having our thoughts put down on paper is amazing. It is like, once you see it, you start to believe that it is possible. The thought in your mind is the idea. The plan on paper is the process of how the idea becomes a reality. A goal without a plan, however, is just a wish.

As you begin the new year, what would you like to change? I want to challenge you to begin writing out a plan for something in your life you want to see change this year. Someone once told me that the man with the plan is the man who gets things done. I know that is a true statement. Talk to you next week.

God Bless.





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