Do You Have Financial Peace - Part 4

August 21, 2015, 12:00 am

Achieving Financial Oneness

After God created Eve, He said that she and Adam were of one flesh. This was His blueprint for all marriages, that couples be so close that there are no areas of divisiveness. This level of closeness is not an easy thing to achieve and I have seen my share of couples struggle to “be of one flesh” when it comes to handling finances.

Financial struggles may be a result of personality differences. One spouse may be more inclined to save while the other is more of a spender.  Maybe one person handles money the way their parents did, buying on credit, and just assumes that buying on credit is what couples do.  Maybe the other person was raised in a home where the parents paid cash for everything and still assumes that purchases cannot be made unless there is cash on hand to make the purchase.  When couples differ on how to manage their finances, their marriage is subject to a great deal of conflict.

How well do you and your partner handle  financial oneness? Are the two of you able to talk about the state of your finances without it turning into an argument? Are both you of able to agree on a budget? Do the two of you discuss major purchases? Do you find yourself resenting your partner because of financial decisions made in the past? Do you feel respected when you offer input with regard to your finances? If you are not able to give a positive response to each of these questions, then you are not in a good place financially in your relationship.

Financial issues need to be resolved to have a healthy marriage. In the Financial Peace class, Dave Ramsey does a good job of helping couples address their financial issues. He pretty much addresses every major money conflict that couples experience. Not only does he talk about the issues, he offers solutions.

I want to encourage you and your spouse to attend the class when it is offered again this winter. In the meantime, set a time each week to talk with your partner about your finances. Don’t blame the other person. Blame doesn’t solve problems. Try to talk to your partner without being angry. Anger kills good ccommunication. I would also suggest that the two of you agree on at least one purchase, and that is to buy one of Dave Ramsey’s books on finances. Either The Total Money Makeover or Financial Peace will help guide the two of you through a positive discussion about any financial issues you are having. Seek God’s help through prayer. It is His desire for you and your spouse to have financial oneness.

Talk to you next week.



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