Keeping up With the Maintenance - Part 1

February 26, 2016, 12:00 am

Keeping up With the Maintenance

When I was growing I loved spending time at my friend Fred’s house. His dad was the kind of guy who loved to work with his hands. He always seemed to be fixing or building something when I was at their house. One day he was working on his lawnmower. I made a comment about nice the lawnmower looked for an older model. It was probably ten years old yet it looked like it was new. To my comment Fred’s dad responded,” Tom if you want things to last you have to keep up with the maintenance.”

Over the years I found that maintenance doesn’t just apply to equipment it also applies to relationships. This being February the month we celebrate love thought it would be great to apply the maintenance concept to marriage. We go into marriage with the thought that it is going to last for the rest of our lives. The sad reality is that just over half of all marriages end in divorce.  Many couples report that they just grow apart. They come to a point in the relationship where they feel like they are roommates. Maybe the communication broke down. Perhaps they reached the empty nest phase and realized that they had neglected their relationship for the sake of the children. Every one of these situations may have turned out better if the couple had chosen to keep up with the maintenance.

What does marriage maintenance look like? It is a lot like keeping the oil changed on your car. As a couple you commit to intentionally do things together that will strengthen your relationship. Let me give you some examples. Every year you commit to going to a marriage retreat. You agree to read through a marriage book together. You make the decision to have a date night once a week. Once a month you meet to talk about goals for your marriage and evaluate the progress you are making toward reaching those goals. Something that has been valuable to my wife and I has been a commitment to consistently pray together for our marriage.

If you need help putting a maintenance plan together please feel free to contact me. Once you begin doing the maintenance you will be glad you did.

God Bless


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