Keeping up with the Maintenance - Part 4

February 13, 2017, 12:00 am

Time For an Oil Change

Driving down the road recently,  a service light appeared on the dashboard to remind me the car was due for an oil change. Later that day, I went over to the mechanic shop and scheduled an appointment to have the oil changed. Oil is the life blood of a vehicle. A simple oil change, done at regular intervals, extends the life of a car engine more than just about anything else.

Oil is mentioned on several occasions in the Bible. Most of these instances are referring to olive oil.  Old Testament priests would pour oil on someone to signify that God had chosen that individual for a special purpose.  In The New Testament, The Book of James tells us to put oil on a person’s head and pray for them when they are sick. In this instance, oil stands as a symbol of God’s healing.

As we conclude our series of blogs on marriage maintenance, I want us to consider God’s ability to heal a wounded marriage.  Anyone who is currently married or who has ever been married knows that relationships can go through difficult times. When I am doing premarital counseling with a couple, we spend the first session talking about ways to solve problems. Many couples struggle to solve the problems in their relationship. Having a lot of unsolved problems can lead to some major conflicts.

How do you and your spouse fare at resolving issues in your relationship? Do you have resentment over what you would consider unresolved issues between the two of you? Do you feel that you are the only one who recognizes that there are issues in the relationship?

If the two of you are struggling, perhaps you are due for an oil change. I mean God’s oil. I have been married for thirty-two years and I can honestly say that God has been the glue that has held our marriage together. My wife and I try to pray every day. We do our best to treat one another in a manner that is consistent with how the Bible says we should act in a relationship. Bringing God into a marriage makes a positive impact. I want to encourage you to bring God into your relationship. If you need help, feel free to contact me.

Talk to you next week.



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