Why I Love America - Part 1

June 26, 2015, 12:00 am

American Is Still a Land of Opportunity

In many of countries, if are born into poverty you remain in poverty. In America there are opportunities to be successful. In fact we are a nation of millions of success stories. I have a friend named Bob who could barely read or write when he finished high school. After working for other people for a few years he decided to start a business. Bob isn't what you would call “book smart”, but he was good with his hands. He could fix just about anything.

He decided to start a furnace repair business. He hired his sister to read furnace manuals. He would take his sister with him to the work sites. She would read the manual and he would fix the furnace. It wasn’t long before he hired more employees. Then he started to install and repair air-conditioning units. After several years of running a successful business he sold it to his manager. Today Bob and his wife live in a beautiful home on a lake. One thing I appreciate about him is that He gives God all the credit for his success.

A few weeks ago my niece’s husband was informed that he was being promoted to Wal-Marts corporate headquarters in Arkansas. He started working for Wal-Mart as an apprentice meat cutter right out of high school . He worked hard. After a few years he received a promotion. Then it seemed that every few years he would receive another promotion. Finally he found himself managing several stores. He never attended college. He didn’t have much growing up. Yet he has been able to work hard and be successful.

America is a place where a guy can buy a few pices of equipment and with the help of some awesome people build a successful business. We live in the land where opportunities still abound. Will you join me this month in praying for this great nation?

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