Why I Love America - Part 3

July 17, 2015, 12:00 am

I Love Our Flag

When Team Elmer’s conducts a new employee orientation, the president of our company, Troy Broad, leads everyone in the recital of The Pledge of Allegiance. When I look at the American flag and pledge my allegiance, it still holds tremendous meaning for  me even after all these years.  For me, our flag is more than just a piece of fabric decorated with stars and stripes. It is a representation of the greatness of America.

We see the flag in our history. The Star Spangled Banner mentions our flag. When significant battles have been fought, seeing the flag has reminded our men and women what they were fighting for. I had the honor of speaking to a World War II veteran who fought in the Battle of Iwo Jima. After this major battle, a small group of soldiers placed an American flag on top of a mountain.  This was an event the veteran told me he would never forget and indeed, that moment serves as an iconic symbol of freedom to all Amercians to this day.

Whenever I conduct a funeral for a deceased veteran, the flag plays an important role. After I do my part, the color guard will do their part of the service. They have the gun salute and then their chaplain says a few words. At the end, the spouse or eldest child is presented with an American flag. Often, that flag serves as a reminder of the sacrifice that individual made to serve their country.

We have a flag in our yard. While pulling into the driveway, I will often stop the car while looking at the flag and different thoughts will come into my mind. I may think of my youngest who is faithfully serving his country as a United States Marine. While thinking of him, I usually pray for our military men and women.

The country singer, Lee Greenwood, had a hit song several years ago called God Bless The USA.  There is a line in the song where he reminds us the flag still stands for freedom. For me, nothing symbolizes what we as a nation stand for than the stars and stripes. I love our flag. I will love it until the day I die. Please join me in praying for this great country of ours.


Talk to you next week.

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