Why "Wild At Heart" Is My Favorite Book - Part 4

May 15, 2015, 12:00 am

It’s a Great Resource in Helping Women Better Understand Men

Over the years a number of women have shared with me how frustrated they are with their husbands. I usually encourage them to explain their frustration to me. More often than not, their frustration stems from some of the basic differences between men and women. They want the man in their life to behave a certain way. When he does not fit the predetermined criteria, frustration sets in.

In such cases, I will often suggest that these women read Wild at Heart to give them some much needed insight into the ways and personalities of men. Most of them find the book to be very helpful. Many of these ladies had no idea that the Father Wound has played such an important role in shaping how their husbands relate to them. Once they realize he has been emotionally and relationally wounded by his father, it helps them to better understand why he struggles to relate to her. The book also helps women to see that their husbands are not intentionally withholding love from them.

A number of women have commented to me that they have seen how they had tried to turn their husbands into someone they were not made to be. Wild at Heart helped them to see that God created men for a sense of adventure. I have challenged them to encourage their men to seek adventure. One woman recently said to me that she notices when her husband does outdoor activities with his guy friends, he comes home a happier man. She said that she used to feel that his friends were more important to him than she was. Now she has come to see time with his friends gives him something that she can’t.

There are a number of instances in the book where author Eldredge challenges his male readers to pursue their wives. I encourage women to sit down and talk to their husbands about their need to feel pursued. I also explain to these ladies that they need to teach their men how to pursue them. Often times the husband and wife will meet with me together and talk about what each of them need to feel pursued. Ladies, I want encourage you to read Wild at Heart. It is the best men’s book I have ever read.

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