"Bones" at Silver Lake Park

Saturday, Nov. 11th at 9:00am approximately 15 youth and 10 adults arrived at Silver Lake Park on E Silver Lake Rd to undertake the project of spreading a semi load of wood chips over a 2 mile long trail. This was coordinated by Colin Ford, Boy Scout from Troop 30 and the park facilitator for Colin's eagle project.

The semi load of chips was to be staged along the designed trail, however were dumped in one location, presenting a time and labor problem for completing this project. Plan B was then put into place an Colin arranged for four wheelers to pull small trailers and disburse the chips along the trail for the scouts to spread. However, over Friday night 3 to 4 inches of wet sloppy snow covered the ground making it too slippery and dangerous to use the four wheelers. This did not deter the scouts. They started filling wheelbarrows with chips and heading off down the trail. A pick-up was also put into service to help haul the chips. After 2 hours of working it became very apparent however that the weather, the length and hilliness of the trail was taking its toll on the young and not so young backs.

There was just no way this project was going to get completed in the allotted time frame. The plea for help went out to Elmer's. The staff at Elmer's listened and were very understanding of the dilemma. A call was then made to an employee to see if he would consider coming in on his Saturday off to help. This gentleman, when reached, was in a dilemma of his own due to the weather, no power at his home. Our hopes dimmed, but then we heard over the phone, "just let me get my family settled at a hotel and I will be in."

This man known to everyone at Elmer's as "Bones" was definitely a hero to everyone of Troop 30. There was not a more beautiful sight then when Bones (Dan Robbins) and Elmer's Green Machine pulled into the parking lot of Silver Lake Park. Bones spent over two hours at the site moving the chips for us, which allowed us to complete the project. The 25 to 30 people at the park were amazed and very touched at Bones' sacrifice and the willingness of Elmer's to help.

It truly was a great day and reminded us that it isn't all a "me first" society out there. A wonderful thing for our youth, who do not see a lot of that role modeled in today's world. Elmer's and Bones you are what we should all strive for as fellow human beings in a community, "quiet heroes."


The Fords - Dave, Tressa, Colin