Team Elmer's

Cleaning Up Butch's Tackle


PROJECT: Butch's Tackle Soil Excavation
CHALLENGE: Confined site, existing structures, contaminated soils removal, and accelerated schedule off-season
SOLUTION: Off-site staging, pre-planning, micropile installation, and all-season work force

CONTRACT PRICE: $2,274,454
CONTACT: Todd Colon (616) 942-9600
PARTNERS: Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ)

As part of a complete soil remediation project, Team Elmer's removed more than 15,000 tons of contaminated dirt from Butch's Tackle and Marina in Bellaire.

Releases from an underground fuel storage tank contaminated soils and groundwater near the outlet of the Clam River into Torch Lake. Storage tanks had been removed years ago, but the contaminated soils and groundwater remained at the site, much of it beneath a county road. The close proximity of homes, garages, and Butch’s Tackle prevented conventional dig and haul work to remove the contaminated soils.

A system of micro piles was implemented to support the buildings and isolate them from excavation. For a time, the shop was supported on micro pilings while it "teetered" on the edge of a 32-foot deep hole. What a sight!

More than 12 million gallons of contaminated ground water were pumped from the dewatering system through granular activated carbon for purification. The water was reintegrated into the Clam River under a State Surface Water Discharge permit. The system was upgraded from 100 gpm to 300 gpm to lower the water table by 12 feet.

To complete the project, Team Elmer's built a retaining wall, repaved the roadway and prepped the boat ramp and parking lot for concrete.

By the Numbers

  • 650 square yards of asphalt road removed and recycled
  • 500 ton of concrete removed and recycled
  • Removed and replaced one commercial drainfield and holding tank
  • Removed and replaced one residential drainfield
  • Removed and replaced one commercial drinking water well
  • Installed 350 feet of sheet piling to 35 feet and remove sub-contractor
  • Installed micro piles to support the building 114 lineal feet
  • Monitor the air daily for VOCs
  • Excavated, transported and disposed of 15,086.21 tons of contaminated soil
  • Transported, placed and compacted 16,760.64 tons of Type 2 backfill

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