Complete Professionalism

Dear Mr. Broad,
I am a resident of Traverse Hills Condominiums and have watched with great interest the work your company has done on Silver Lake Road. We were fascinated by the speed with which you put down a new road as well as the quality of workmanship applied in building the new surface. But we were astounded when we drove to Interlochen Sunday last and saw that Silver Lake had been resurfaced all the way to M-31 in Grawn.

We know that this must have come about as a result of careful planning and execution. The personnel that guided us through the few detours during the resurfacing did so with professional and considerate manners appearing to keep safety in mind at all times.

It also didn't escape our notice that a left turn lane has been added at Traverse Hills and we certainly appreciate that. Over the years I've tried to make a left turn in our complex only to have someone blow by me on the right as they try to navigate through the dirt and weeds.

So thank you very much for a excellent job well done.

James D. Haldaman