Dewatering is the means of lowering the water table to allow for utility installation or soil excavation.

Well points are placed at a depth lower than the final grade of the eventual utility installation. The well points are then connected with a 6 or 8-inch header to a dewatering pump. The water is then discharged to a store sewer bypass or surface grade area to allow for the project work, excavation, or utility installation.

Dewatering flows can range from 100 gallons to 1200 gallons per minute!

A typical project size can run from 20x20 ft around a wetwell or underground structure, up to 300x100 ft for larger jobs, or a half-mile single run along the shoulder of the road.



Innovative Cleanup

Click here to learn how Team Elmer's implmented a temporary dam and dewatering system to excavate and remove 2,210 tons of contaminated soil from Boardman Lake in Traverse City.