Team Elmer's

Donations get Mt. Holiday "zipping"

Dear Mr. Broad,

On behalf of the Mt. Holiday Board of Directors I would like to thank you again for your very generous donation of equipment that Elmer's has continued to provide for hill erosion and to aid us in the completion of the zipline at Mt. Holiday. We truly believe that the zipline will provide a year round revenue stream that will enable Mt. Holiday to meet our operational expenses. The ultimate goal of the Board of Directors and our Fundraising Committee is to only have to fundraise for major capital needs in the future. Your donation and belief in our project was heartwarming and it allowed us to kick off the zipline so we are ready to hit the ground "zipping" in the spring.

As a ski resort, I hate to say we got beat by the winter weather - but, our grand opening for the ziplining has been pushed back until the spring. At that time, we hope everyone who participated in development of this project will come to Mt. Holiday and get a chance to view the completed zipline. We are recognizing our individual donors at various zipline stations and with a plaque at which will allow us to personaly recognize all of the volunteers, organizations, and donors who helped us complete this project.

Again, thank you for your generous donation of Elmer's equipment; we could not have completed the zipline project without your support. Thank you again for believing in Mt. Holiday and what our vision of our future for the community will be. We look forward to seeing you at the "hill."

Theresa Galante
Executive Director