Team Elmer's

Foundation Repair

Whether you are dealing with structural problems or moisture issues, Team Elmer's can work with you to diagnose the problem and recommend the best most cost effective solution available.

In the past, most foundation remedies involved costly tear out, excavation and replacement. Today, using state of the art methods and materials, most repairs can be done safer, faster, with less cost and better quality than ever before.

We carefully evaluate your situation, and then will work with you to tailor a repair that fits your goals and your budget.

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Helical Piers

A hydraulically installed screw pile, this product is used to underpin new construction on poor soils and can be used to lift existing structures built on unstable soil. Click here to learn more.

Auger Cast Piles

Ideal for environmentally sensitive sites with poor subsoils, an auger cast pile is both end-bearing and friction-based. Click here to learn more.