Hero in the Snow

Hello Team Elmer's!

I just wanted to send a little note your way to let you know about my recent experience with one of your Team members.

I'm new to Traverse City and am terrified of this snow. I hate to drive and spend most of my time worrying about my next car ride. It's ridiculous, I know. But on Monday 12/13, I had traveled up from Detroit, through Flint, through Grayling, Kalkaska, Kingsley and home to Buckley, in the worst weather I've ever driven in. My nerves were shot and I was a mile from home, when I discovered that I had chosen the wrong road to try to conquer. I was traveling west on Harrand, from M-37 to County Road 633 when I hit the snow drifts from the fields. The snow was easily up to my windows and i got stuck. STUCK. There was no way I was going to be able to get this car out, and of course I hadn't listened to anyone telling me to get salt and kitty litter for my trunk, but I did have a shovel. After an hour sitting in my car, crying and making peace with my inevitable death by freezing, I decided to climb out my window to try to dig out. I was sobbing and scared, not knowing anyone in town to call for help.

Just as I was giving it one last college try to open the door, I saw headlights coming behind me. With a plow on the front. I couldn't believe it, but growing up in Flint, I'm not very used to being helped by stranger, so I didn't get my hopes up. It was an Elmer's truck! I recognized the company because I've seen the pink cement truck. Love that. I saw the truck start plowing snow behind me, creating a path. He plowed and plowed, until finally he got to my car. He then got out (without a coat on) and started shoveling around my tires. When he got to my window, I stopped sobbing for a minute to thank him, which he waved off, as if it were no big deal. I planned on dying in that car, so it was a big deal to me. He was able to dig out my tires and showed me how to rock the car back and forth, and I was free! He saved my life! I wasn't going to freeze to death! I didn't have to walk a mile in the snow uphill both ways to my house! I was so grateful for this stranger's help; I don't feel as though I could thank him enough. I offered him money, which he refused. I would've offered him a Texas Sheet Cake that I had handy, but he ran off too quickly. Without a coat, I imagine he was pretty cold. Can someone tell him to put a coat in his truck for when he stops to help damsels in distress in -73 degree weather? Thanks. He plowed the rest of the way down the road and made it safe for all of us.

Anyway, his truck was number 1627, and he was a very nice (good looking) man in his mid-thirties. He lives on Harrand. I'm hoping someone will be able to figure out who this is and thank him for me. I truly appreciated his kindness and cannot stop telling people about the nice Elmer's man. Where I grew up, you didn't ever EVER ever have a stranger to rely on. Mostly, you avoided them. This man went above and beyond, and I cannot say Thank You enough. I'm a scaredy-cat and this "incident" in the stupid corn field didn't do much to boost my winter confidence, but it did boost my faith in my neighbors. Thank him for me, please.

I hope everyone at Elmer's has a safe and happy holiday season, full of merriment and kindness! Thank you!

Kelly M. Teresko