Holiday Road

Holiday road a gem:

Kudos to the Grand Traverse Tribe of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians for securing federal funding for the repair of Holiday Road. The road work performed by Elmer’s is well-organized and of high quality. The project is so well designed that the road might become a tourist attraction in itself. It is obvious a lot of planning and high standards were put in place by the tribe to replace a dangerous road with a safe one and their efforts are much appreciated.

Mark and Bonnie Soper

Holiday Road safe now:

On behalf of the entire Mt. Holiday family I would like to express our deepest gratitude to the GT Band and Elmer’s for the outstanding reconstruction currently wrapping up on Holiday Road. For years it has been a game of dodge-hole for vehicle and bicycle traffic, frightening for parents of young children; now we can all use Holiday Road safely due to the project funding provided by the GT Band. Elmer’s additionally has donated countless loads of fill, helped with excavating/erosion issues and erected the final tower for Tucker’s Tow at Mt. Holiday. Elmer’s generosity to Mt. Holiday has been tremendous, proving once again what a wonderful community partner they are. The Holiday Village neighborhood has begun a donation fund that will be given to Mt. Holiday in the GT Band’s name as a thank you from Holiday Hills. Again, we appreciate a job well done by Team Elmer’s and the GT Band.

Theresa Galante
Executive Director, Mt. Holiday

A thank you to the Grand Traverse Band (and Team Elmer's!):

We would like to humbly thank you for graciously paying for our road to be redone. We are absolutely thrilled that we can drive home on a smooth surface and no longer have to dodge the potholes that used to fill our road. We feel so honored that you chose our road out of all the other things that you could have funded and hired Elmer’s who did a top notch job.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Very Truly Yours,
Joe and Erin Ballinger

Gratitude owed Band for Holiday Road fix:

After many years of failed efforts by so many to get Holiday Road improved, a road which is part of both East Bay and Acme townships and is the main thoroughfare to over 1,200 families, the project is finally coming to fruition.

The car-eating potholes, crumbling shoulders, and “Lake Holiday” after a heavy rain are no more. The addition of the drainage system, guard rails, shoulders and widening of the road in key areas will make the road safer for those who travel upon it.

Many fought for this project over the years including neighbors, township, county and county road personnel, but in the end we owe our greatest gratitude to our wonderful community partners, The Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians for adding Holiday Road to their road network and funding the project.

Renee Kaufman