Team Elmer's

People's Choice Award

From record Eagle Letter to the editor
Posted: Monday, November 16, 2015 6:00 am

Good job

I am writing to acknowledge the outstanding job Elmer’s did in repaving and repairing our roads this summer. Most of us have likely had the pleasure of driving on U.S. 31 since the repaving. Elmer’s finished both stretches of that road a couple of weeks early, and did their best to keep us in good humor when we were faced with a traffic delay.

I live in the Huron Hills neighborhood where Elmer’s recently finished repaving our roads. No more potholes, crumbling asphalt, etc. It’s a real pleasure to drive on, and they finished the project ahead of schedule.

When the work was completed on our street, a couple of dips and rough spots remained in our driveway. I called Elmer’s and they promised to come out in a week to take a look. Not only did they come out to look, they sent a crew and made the requested repairs on the spot.

If there was a people’s choice award for this service they would get my No. 1 vote, hands down.

Edward Carlson
Traverse City