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Archives for 2009

Boardman Lake Clean Up

There are environmental cleanups…and then there are environmental cleanups. To address historic impacts to sediments that resulted from the migration of groundwater contamination to Boardman Lake in the late 1970s, a large remediation effort was performed.

East Grand Rapids Public Works Complex: Auger Cast Piles

Our Team tested two auger cast piles prior to starting in order to verify the pile design was correct and could hold a 40-ton pile. We then inserted points into the ground and on the building, installing a laser level measurement apparatus to ensure building integrity during installation. Numerous overhead lines and underground utilities required additional patience, and every plane of the construction site demanded diligence.

King's Challenge Golf Course

When new owners set their sights on King’s Challenge golf course in Cedar, they knew they wanted to create a world-class golf destination and needed it to be done quickly. Bob Kuras, president of The Homestead in Glen Arbor and the man named to head the operation, enlisted trusted contractors like Team Elmer’s to ensure flawless completion at a breakneck pace.

Martin Marietta: Helical Piers

Martin Marietta, a leading producer of high purity magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide products, was adding a new facility next to their existing vertical storage tank. The plans called for a 17-foot excavation at the face of the vertical storage tank to make room for the new construction.

Otsego Lake State Park: Pervious Concrete

And you thought concrete was made to be tough and impenetrable...well, it is! A type of concrete that's actually designed to be porous has the State of Michigan and others taking note as they seek ways to save land, dollars, and the environment.

Silver Creek Trout Habitat

It’s not every day that a company has the privilege of establishing miles of new natural animal habitat. But thanks to a partnership between the Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA), Lake County Road Commission, Wade-Trim, and Team Elmer’s, hundreds of thousands of fish and other species now have miles of new tributaries and spawning habitat along the Silver Creek outside Cadillac.

Traverse City Area Public Schools

When the Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) faced a complicated parking and traffic issue with a very tight deadline at one of its middle schools, the call went out and Team Elmer’s answered.


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