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Petoskey Retaining Wall

In 2019, the Michigan Department of Transportation plans to reconstruct a stretch of US-31 near Petoskey. Part of the highway runs along the edge of a steep slope, and the area is plagued with erosion problems. The 2019 highway reconfiguration will move part of the roadway so that it isn’t situated right on the edge of a slope. However, until then, MDOT needed a temporary solution to prevent erosion and protect the well-traveled highway. Enter Team Elmer’s.

Manistee High School Track

Manistee High School had all the ingredients for a great track team: terrific coach, talented athletes, plenty of drive. What the school didn’t have,
though, was an actual track. For years, the lack of facilities had left coaches scrambling to find places to practice. The Manistee High School track team
had only known what it was like to compete at away meets.

Traverse City Sidewalks

Traverse City is aiming to create a safer and more walkable city with yearly sidewalk repairs through the Sidewalk Replacement and the Sidewalk Gap Infill programs. In addition to these programs, the city of Traverse City also received grants to install sidewalks in areas lacking walkability, through the Safe Routes to School program. Team Elmer's stepped in with concrete to help complete the projects.

Brown Bridge Quiet Area

For 90 years, the Brown Bridge Quiet Area was the home of Brown Bridge Pond, which was formed when the Boardman River was dammed at a nearby spot. In 2012, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources and several partner agencies, decided to remove Brown Bridge Dam, the first of three dams located within 20 miles of the mouth of the Boardman River. 

Charlevoix Bike Path

Team Elmer’s completed 3.24 miles of the Boyne City to Charlevoix Trail, which is a proposed new linear park intended for non-motorized recreational activities and non-motorized transportation between Boyne City and Charlevoix.

East Jordan Locomotive Relocation

East Jordan, MI was looking at revamping some parks and decided they wanted to move the engine closer to the highway for more people to see. The challenge was lifting the train and transporting it over the bridge. Two Team Elmer’s cranes made the journey from Traverse City to East Jordan to move the almost 200,000 pound piece of history.

Kids Creek Restoration

Team Elmer’s was hired to restore a section of Kids Creek to its natural, and functioning, state by removing the excess sediment and expanding the flood plain to create a natural storage area for excess storm water. 

Parking Lot D Reconstruction

After many long years of use, the City of Traverse City Parking Lot D and Boat Launch were in need of repairs. After several redesigns, City Engineer Tim Lodge and his staff were able to gain City commission support for the project. Team Elmer’s was selected as low bid contractor for the project. 

M-22 Leelanau County

Team Elmer’s was entrusted with the job of restoring the most damaged part of M-22, an almost 13-mile stretch from Thorson Road to M-204. There was enough space to provide an ample shoulder addition without clearing away any trees or otherwise damaging the natural beauty of the M-22 corridor. 

Park Street Reconstruction

Thanks to the fortitude of the City of Traverse City to find funding, Team Elmer’s was called upon to help with the reconstruction of Park Street to upgrade the infrastructure to support a greater capacity.

West Front Street Reconstruction

Team Elmer’s was hired to take on the complete reconstruction of West Front Street from Division Street to Elmwood Street – 1300 feet on each side. This reconstruction was more than just updating the road and sidewalks – the city also needed new water main and storm sewer line upgrades with new precast drywells.


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