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Job Type: Asphalt

Charlevoix Bike Path

Team Elmer’s completed 3.24 miles of the Boyne City to Charlevoix Trail, which is a proposed new linear park intended for non-motorized recreational activities and non-motorized transportation between Boyne City and Charlevoix.

Cherry Capital Airport

The East-West Runway 10/28 at Cherry Capital Airport in Traverse City, Michigan dates back to a time when airports across the country were building shorter runways. At 6,500 feet, it was a bit too short for large commercial jets to take off with full capacity flights. The problem was especially pressing in the summertime, thanks to the heat and density of the air. After decades of planning, Cherry Capital Airport had to decide on a solution. In order for runway 10/28 to provide enough length for capacity jets to take off in the heat of summer, it needed to be over 7,000 feet long.


Chum's Corners Reconstruction

The truth about concrete and asphalt – they usually don’t work well together. Enter the US-31 Highway reconstruction at Chum’s Corners, which decided to use both methods to solve the increasing amount of traffic funneled through that intersection.

Deadstream Road

Picture the site: Deadstream Road, a gorgeous old two-lane roadway in Benzie County that connects US-31 and M-22. The road itself is short—only about 4.43 miles between those two major northern Michigan highways. For many local residents, though, it’s long been one of the most beautiful drives in the area. Tranquil and serene, the road runs through a heavily wooded area, with some of the biggest and most established trees dating back as far as 150 years.

Elberta Road Construction

Team Elmer’s completed reconstruction of the .93-mile road, including a complex and meticulously timed, seven-staged process that had to ensure all businesses and homes remained open throughout.

Grand Traverse Resort Parking Lot

The Grand Traverse Resort and Spa is an iconic symbol of the Traverse City region, a splendid high rise, towering above an expansive golf course, and visible across the scenic Grand Traverse Bay. It’s also one of the most illustrious and luxurious getaways in northern Michigan, with a slew of shops, a restaurant with one of the finest views in town, and a five-star hotel being just a few of the attractions. Now, thanks to Team Elmer’s and their numerous partners, the resort has a five-star parking lot as well.

Holiday Road Resurrection

For years, Holiday Road, the busy gateway to the suburban areas of Traverse City’s Holiday Hills, has been plagued by massive potholes and disintegrating shoulders. Thanks to the devoted and tireless actions of some of Holiday Road’s more vocal residents, as well as a generous grant from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, in coordination with the Grand Traverse County Road Commission,Team Elmer’s went to work to fix the problem once and for all.


King's Challenge Golf Course

When new owners set their sights on King’s Challenge golf course in Cedar, they knew they wanted to create a world-class golf destination and needed it to be done quickly. Bob Kuras, president of The Homestead in Glen Arbor and the man named to head the operation, enlisted trusted contractors like Team Elmer’s to ensure flawless completion at a breakneck pace.

Lowering LaFranier Road

South Airport Road is one of Traverse City, Michigan's busiest roads—a street that not only houses the entrances to Cherry Capital Airport and a slew of businesses, but one that many residents also use as an east-west traffic corridor to access to the outer Traverse City area. Until recently, South Airport Road at Lafranier Road also played host to a less desirable feature: one of Traverse City's most dangerous intersections.

M-113 Reconstruct

As part of Michigan’s trunkline highway system, M-113 is a well-traveled road that runs through Grand Traverse County and connects the residents of Traverse City to the main drag highway of US-131. The road runs through hilly country and features numerous twists and turns that can make it a dangerous drive in the dark or in the wintertime.

M-115 Highway

Highway M-115 is a key highway in northwest Michigan, stretching nearly 100 miles from Frankfort to Clare. In the summer of 2016, Team Elmer’s oversaw reconstruction on a 6.46-mile stretch of M-115 within Benzie County. The project involved asphalt crushing, shaping, and reconstruction of the road, drainage, and traffic signal work for the entire six-and-a-half-mile span.

M-22 Leelanau County

Team Elmer’s was entrusted with the job of restoring the most damaged part of M-22, an almost 13-mile stretch from Thorson Road to M-204. There was enough space to provide an ample shoulder addition without clearing away any trees or otherwise damaging the natural beauty of the M-22 corridor. 

M-37 Phase II:Roundabout

In years past, drivers heading south from Traverse City on M-37 had to be especially cautious when they reached the intersection at M-115. The junction between these two Michigan highways never seemed like it should have been a big problem, but dozens of accidents over the years and plenty of complaints from drivers calling the spot the most dangerous intersection in the state forced the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) to pay attention.

M-88: Antrim County

Team Elmer’s realized early on two key aspects to the project that would require special focus: maintaining traffic and a significant elevation change. The 5.33-mile stretch of road was located in a part of the county where no other real detour options existed. In other words, Team Elmer’s had to implement a range of improvements on a road that needed to remain open to traffic at all times.

Manistee High School Track

Manistee High School had all the ingredients for a great track team: terrific coach, talented athletes, plenty of drive. What the school didn’t have,
though, was an actual track. For years, the lack of facilities had left coaches scrambling to find places to practice. The Manistee High School track team
had only known what it was like to compete at away meets.

Marion: First Street Recontrsuction

Have you ever seen an alligator in Marion, Michigan? When water sits upon a roadbed for a prolonged period of time causing deterioration and cracking, in the hallways at Team Elmer’s, it’s referred to as “alligatoring.”

McKeese Road Culvert Installation

In 2014, Team Elmer’s helped the Michigan Department of Transportation install an 11.5-foot, 8,000-bolt culvert on I-75, near Sault Ste Marie. As a result, when the Leelanau County Road Commission needed help with a similar culvert installation in the summer of 2015, we were the natural candidates for the job.

Oleson's Food Store: Grading & Paving

Oleson’s Food Store, when building their grocery store on the corner of Three Mile and Hammond Road, got off to a late start with permitting delays. Still trying to meet an early spring opening, Team Elmer’s stepped up to the task, getting this project back on track.

Park Street Reconstruction

Thanks to the fortitude of the City of Traverse City to find funding, Team Elmer’s was called upon to help with the reconstruction of Park Street to upgrade the infrastructure to support a greater capacity.

Parking Lot D Reconstruction

After many long years of use, the City of Traverse City Parking Lot D and Boat Launch were in need of repairs. After several redesigns, City Engineer Tim Lodge and his staff were able to gain City commission support for the project. Team Elmer’s was selected as low bid contractor for the project. 

Pine & State Street Reconstruction

At the end of the summer, Team Elmer’s began a long and complex project on Pine and State Streets in Traverse City, Michigan. We were tasked with an almost complete replacement and overhaul of the sewer, water, and storm utilities throughout two blocks of downtown Traverse City. Pine and State Streets utilities needed nuanced attention, and all work needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the city’s thriving downtown business scene.

Silver Drive at Grand Traverse Commons

When Team Elmer’s was contracted to work on the Silver Drive project – revamping a little-used road near the south end of the Grand Traverse Commons and connecting it to Silver Lake Road in order to generate a southern entrance to the Commons – we were prepared for a messy job. A wetland environment and a profusion of deep muck meant more attention to detail was critical for completing this complicated job.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail: Phase I

Good Morning America viewers named Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore as the Most Beautiful Place in America. Thanks in part to Team Elmer’s, that pristine coastline will now have a handicap-accessible, family-friendly trail -- open to wheelchair bound nature enthusiasts, families with strollers, and novice bicycle riders averse to motorized traffic.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail: Phase II

Two years ago, Team Elmer’s broke ground on one of the highest profile projects in our history, a 27-mile, non-motorized trail designed to wind along the widely renowned Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. The project, which was funded in part by both the Michigan Department of Transportation and the Federal Transit Authority, was always going to be a massive undertaking. A marathon-length, paved trail that would allow bikers, joggers, hikers, and other non-motorized adventurers a spot to explore this beautiful environment in leisure, away from both sand and road.

South Airport Road Reconstruction

South Airport Road is one of the most travelled roadways in Traverse City and is routinely operating at or above capacity. After years of heavier-than-anticipated traffic, South Airport Road from US-31 to Veterans Drive was in need of a complete reconstruction. Team Elmer’s came in as the low bidder on the project and was ready to take on the challenges.

St. Ignace 1-75 Reconstruction

On a recent job in St. Ignace, Michigan, Team Elmer’s crews were a long way from home. Over 80 miles of road and bridge stretched between the Team Elmer’s offices in Hillman and the project worksite in St. Ignace, in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The distance proved challenging as Team Elmer’s crews worked to rebuild a deteriorated one-mile stretch of I-75.

Traverse City Area Public Schools

When the Traverse City Area Public Schools (TCAPS) faced a complicated parking and traffic issue with a very tight deadline at one of its middle schools, the call went out and Team Elmer’s answered.

US-31 Reconstruction: The Miracle Mile

You know the frustration. You’re driving on a crowded stretch of road when suddenly you’re hit with lane closures. Traffic comes to a standstill. No one really knows what the delay is for and the highway crew seems disinterested in your predicament. Oh, and it’s a hot summer day and the kids are fighting in the back seat. That could have been the case when a busy portion of US Highway 31 just east of Traverse City, Michigan, was reconstructed in April-June, 2015. But it wasn’t.

West Front Street Reconstruction

Team Elmer’s was hired to take on the complete reconstruction of West Front Street from Division Street to Elmwood Street – 1300 feet on each side. This reconstruction was more than just updating the road and sidewalks – the city also needed new water main and storm sewer line upgrades with new precast drywells.

White Pine Trail Improvements

After years of wear and tear, more than 15 miles of the Fred Meijer White Pine Trail in Osceola County received a major facelift.


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