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Job Type: Concrete

Cass Road Bridge

For years, residents of Traverse City have awaited the replacement of the Cass Road Bridge. The bridge is one of the only ways to get to the other side of the Boardman River in that part of town, but it is also far from convenient. A one-way road over a dam, the existing bridge can create bottlenecks or queues of cars depending on the time of day. 

Chum's Corners Reconstruction

The truth about concrete and asphalt – they usually don’t work well together. Enter the US-31 Highway reconstruction at Chum’s Corners, which decided to use both methods to solve the increasing amount of traffic funneled through that intersection.

Clinch Park Marina

In 2016, the City of Traverse City had to find the right company to repair the problems to the splash pad, break wall and kayak launch to maintain public safety. Team Elmer's was the low bid on the City of Traverse City re-engineered work.

Earth Shelter Project Michigan

Earth sheltering is the architectural practice of using earth against building walls for external thermal mass, to reduce heat loss, and to easily maintain a steady indoor air temperature.

General Mills Yoplait Production Facility: Auger Cast Piles

The ground-breaking expansion project launched on the heels of an announcement from General Mills that the company had signed agreements with partner companies to acquire a 51 percent controlling interest in the Yoplait brand and a 50 percent interest in a related company that holds the worldwide Yoplait brands of products for approximately $1.1 trillion.

Otsego Lake State Park: Pervious Concrete

And you thought concrete was made to be tough and impenetrable...well, it is! A type of concrete that's actually designed to be porous has the State of Michigan and others taking note as they seek ways to save land, dollars, and the environment.

Park Street Reconstruction

Thanks to the fortitude of the City of Traverse City to find funding, Team Elmer’s was called upon to help with the reconstruction of Park Street to upgrade the infrastructure to support a greater capacity.

Parking Lot D Reconstruction

After many long years of use, the City of Traverse City Parking Lot D and Boat Launch were in need of repairs. After several redesigns, City Engineer Tim Lodge and his staff were able to gain City commission support for the project. Team Elmer’s was selected as low bid contractor for the project. 

Pine & State Street Reconstruction

At the end of the summer, Team Elmer’s began a long and complex project on Pine and State Streets in Traverse City, Michigan. We were tasked with an almost complete replacement and overhaul of the sewer, water, and storm utilities throughout two blocks of downtown Traverse City. Pine and State Streets utilities needed nuanced attention, and all work needed to be completed with minimal disruption to the city’s thriving downtown business scene.

Pine Street Pedestrian Bridge

As Traverse City’s downtown area has expanded and segmented into separate “districts,” the area has become more vibrant and bustling than ever before. The increasing use of the area has also left some districts feeling separate from the rest of the downtown area—an issue that low bid Team Elmer’s was contracted to help solve with a recent project.

Revitalizing Garland Street

With the gap between the Warehouse District and the rest of downtown successfully bridged—both literally and figuratively—Team Elmer's set to work on the next stage of Traverse City's revitalization plans. This time, we set up shop on Garland Street, a road slated for realignment and falling into disrepair; greatly impeding the Warehouse District's chances at growth and redevelopment.

Sara Lee Concrete Floor Replacement

Sara Lee, known for their pies and baked goods, has a bakery plant located in Traverse City. When the factory needed a new recipe for their floors, Team Elmer’s provided the main ingredients: floor cutting with fugitive dust control and ready mix concrete.

South Airport Road Reconstruction

South Airport Road is one of the most travelled roadways in Traverse City and is routinely operating at or above capacity. After years of heavier-than-anticipated traffic, South Airport Road from US-31 to Veterans Drive was in need of a complete reconstruction. Team Elmer’s came in as the low bidder on the project and was ready to take on the challenges.

Traverse City BATA Transfer Station

BATA Transfer Station in Traverse City opened with a royal welcome, or at least a legislative one... US Senior Senator Carl Levin toured the new BATA Transfer Station. With Gold LEED certification any royal would welcome, the opening of the BATA Transfer Station fulfilled a long battle to be built.

Traverse City Sidewalks

Traverse City is aiming to create a safer and more walkable city with yearly sidewalk repairs through the Sidewalk Replacement and the Sidewalk Gap Infill programs. In addition to these programs, the city of Traverse City also received grants to install sidewalks in areas lacking walkability, through the Safe Routes to School program. Team Elmer's stepped in with concrete to help complete the projects.

US-31 Reconstruction: The Miracle Mile

You know the frustration. You’re driving on a crowded stretch of road when suddenly you’re hit with lane closures. Traffic comes to a standstill. No one really knows what the delay is for and the highway crew seems disinterested in your predicament. Oh, and it’s a hot summer day and the kids are fighting in the back seat. That could have been the case when a busy portion of US Highway 31 just east of Traverse City, Michigan, was reconstructed in April-June, 2015. But it wasn’t.

West Front Street Reconstruction

Team Elmer’s was hired to take on the complete reconstruction of West Front Street from Division Street to Elmwood Street – 1300 feet on each side. This reconstruction was more than just updating the road and sidewalks – the city also needed new water main and storm sewer line upgrades with new precast drywells.

Wuerfel Park

Baseball fans' hearts are picking up a few beats. Those three little words that inspire passion in people are soon to be uttered – Let’s Play Ball. You have to be a baseball fan for those words to inspire passion, but there are a few local people who have that type of passion. John Wuerfel is one of them.


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