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Job Type: Piers and Piles

Benton Harbor

Imagine drawing a perfect circle. Now picture yourself doing so in the dark...and you’re holding your pencil with your toes. Sounds tough, right? A recent Team Elmer’s earth retention project was just as tough.
The City of Benton Harbor was updating its water filtration plant to boost water processing from 10 million gallons per day to 12 million per day.

Boardman Lake Clean Up

There are environmental cleanups…and then there are environmental cleanups. To address historic impacts to sediments that resulted from the migration of groundwater contamination to Boardman Lake in the late 1970s, a large remediation effort was performed.

Boathouse Made Stable

The boathouse needed approximately three feet of water so the boat could be pulled in and out. To accomplish this, a silt containment fence was placed in the lake and a berm was excavated to hold back the water. The building’s footings are five feet below the water table, but throughout the project an eight inch pump ran continuously to keep the water level under two feet in depth to allow the work to be completed.

Butch's Tackle Remediation

As part of a complete soil remediation project, Team Elmer's removed more than 15,000 tons of contaminated dirt from Butch's Tackle and Marina in Bellaire. Releases from an underground fuel storage tank contaminated soils and groundwater near the outlet of the Clam River into Torch Lake.

East Grand Rapids Public Works Complex: Auger Cast Piles

Our Team tested two auger cast piles prior to starting in order to verify the pile design was correct and could hold a 40-ton pile. We then inserted points into the ground and on the building, installing a laser level measurement apparatus to ensure building integrity during installation. Numerous overhead lines and underground utilities required additional patience, and every plane of the construction site demanded diligence.

I-75 Culvert

I-75 is a central freeway in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, from the crossing at the Mackinac Bridge all the way up north to the Canadian border. So when two large culverts on the portion of I-75 between Sault Ste. Marie and Dafter reached the end of their usable service life, getting them replaced quickly and efficiently was essential. Team Elmer’s competitive bid was awarded the construction contract by MDOT to remove the 50-year old culverts and replace them with newer models.

Lower Shore Drive

It’s not difficult to see why Lower Shore Drive is one of the most popular rides in Northern Michigan for cyclists and motorcyclists alike. The roadway, located in the beautiful and quaint waterfront community of Harbor Springs, Michigan, puts cyclists and drivers just a stone’s throw from the shores of Lake Michigan. In the summer especially, the road offers unbeatable scenic views and a quiet, relaxed atmosphere.

Lowering LaFranier Road

South Airport Road is one of Traverse City, Michigan's busiest roads—a street that not only houses the entrances to Cherry Capital Airport and a slew of businesses, but one that many residents also use as an east-west traffic corridor to access to the outer Traverse City area. Until recently, South Airport Road at Lafranier Road also played host to a less desirable feature: one of Traverse City's most dangerous intersections.

Martin Marietta: Helical Piers

Martin Marietta, a leading producer of high purity magnesium oxide and magnesium hydroxide products, was adding a new facility next to their existing vertical storage tank. The plans called for a 17-foot excavation at the face of the vertical storage tank to make room for the new construction.

McKeese Road Culvert Installation

In 2014, Team Elmer’s helped the Michigan Department of Transportation install an 11.5-foot, 8,000-bolt culvert on I-75, near Sault Ste Marie. As a result, when the Leelanau County Road Commission needed help with a similar culvert installation in the summer of 2015, we were the natural candidates for the job.

Michigan State University Library: Auger Cast Piles

The Main Library at Michigan State University serves as the center for the campus community’s knowledge base, on-campus-research, and quiet study. However, it houses many aging items that require temperature and humidity control for their preservation. This is accomplished using devices called steam absorption chillers, which create chilled water for the building's air-conditioning system.

Pine Street Pedestrian Bridge

As Traverse City’s downtown area has expanded and segmented into separate “districts,” the area has become more vibrant and bustling than ever before. The increasing use of the area has also left some districts feeling separate from the rest of the downtown area—an issue that low bid Team Elmer’s was contracted to help solve with a recent project.

Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail: Phase III

A few years ago, the National Park Service began a mammoth undertaking, to construct a 27-mile non-motorized trail in Northern Michigan's famed Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore. Team Elmer’s submitted the low bid to construct the first three phases of the award winning trail, working with the Michigan Department of Transportation and Friends of the Sleeping Bear Dunes to complete the task.

South Manitou Island Fuel Tank Replacement

Sometimes, Mother Nature just doesn’t want to cooperate. Such was the case for Team Elmer’s as we prepared to transport a massive aboveground fuel storage tank from the docks of Ironton, Michigan to the shores of South Manitou Island. The 12,000 gallon tank, used to hold diesel fuel to run the Island’s generators and equipment, was intended to replace a rundown unit of the same vein on South Manitou.

Traverse Area Recreational and Transportation Trail (TART)

Northern Michigan is known for many things – beautiful vistas, lakes for fishing and boating, wildlife, agriculture and farming – cherries most specifically. When you hear the term tart – you usually think of cherry pie - but that does not always apply. The TART Trail is a network of paths throughout the Traverse City region that allows pedestrians and bikers alike to enjoy the peaceful vistas of our area without worrying about traffic signals and road enraged motorist. The trail system will expand to eventually include several recreational trails reaching beyond Williamsburg to Suttons Bay.


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