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City of Manistee: Sprayroq

August 20, 2010

PROJECT: City of Manistee: Sprayroq
CHALLENGE: Tight working conditions 20 ft. below grade on almost 100 year old brick structure near Railroad corridor
SOLUTION: Patience, staged work in coordination with crew

OWNER: City of Manistee
OWNER PHONE NUMBER: 231.723.2558
LOCATION: Manistee, Michigan
DATE STARTED: July 12, 2010
DATE COMPLETED: August 20, 2010

The City of Manistee discovered two sinkholes occurring along the edge of railroad tracks on the south side of the city. The cause was determined to be a 52-inch collapsing double-walled brick storm sewer--installed in the early 1900s--that ran along the tracks and discharged into the Manistee River. Time was of the essence, so the City and Abonmarche Engineering quickly enlisted Team Elmer's to complete the emergency rehabilitation of 55-feet of sewer line.

"Team Elmer's provided data on a possible solution and Sprayroq appeared to be an all-around good choice. Compared to other options it was cost-effective, supplied data showed it to be long-lasting, and the process seemed logical," said Jim Johnson of Abonmarche.

In most scenarios, this would be an uncomplicated repair. But in this case, access was beyond difficult... The discharge point was out in the river, under a railroad bridge and down a 20-foot embankment!

Trucks couldn't get close enough, so John Prescott and his crew had to employ good old-fashioned manual labor to get the job done. First, debris was pulled out from the confined space by hand with a cart and five gallon buckets. The bad brick was then removed, replaced and mortared into place. Crews smoothed out the surface to an even coat and then finally applied the Sprayroq... All without collapsing the rest of the line!

Mission complete, to the satisfaction of all involved.

"Team Elmer's was very professional to work with and we are happy to have the project completed," said Johnson.

Sprayroq is a VOC-free polyurethane coating applied to deteriorating underground structures such as utility tunnels or sewers. When structurally rehabilitated, these Sprayroq treated structures gain up to 50 years of life with minimal disruption to a community and generally at a lower cost than other rehabilitation or replacement techniques.

Team Elmer's was awarded the 2009 Sprayroq Project of the Year award for their work on this project.

Click here to download a PDF of "Condo Retaining Wall Remediation"



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