Right On Time

From Mary Sanders, Hayes Township, Ostego County Supervisor
To Kirsten Bott

Dear Kirsten Bott,

I am writing this letter of appreciation for the outstanding construction work on Hayes Tower Road in Ostego County. This project has made a tremendous improvement in the roadway. The work was completed in a very timely manner and was done in the best performance effort. Thank you!

The time frame was met and Elmer's was a cooperative company to work with and I would commend Dave Robinson and Jeff Denise for all their work efforts. It is all appreciated!

There was a ditch work that needed lots of attention with the drainage work. After one day with a great deal of rain, the inside part of the ditch line, in one area around the curve, had started to wash in rivets. Then days later, the work was re-done and extended and so much of the covering is already green!

The township board members have heard many wonderful comments about the new road. Hayes Twp. is proud to have been able to have our fund equity so as to serve our citizens with this road improvement.

Enclosed also find a copy of a letter from Lake Arrowhead expressing their appreciation for the right turn lane. We appreciate the good working relationship and look forward to being able to finish the Hayes Tower Road project! We would recommend your company and we are very pleased with the road job and look forward to working with you in the future.

Mary Sanders