Team Elmer's

Veterans Pier exceeds expectations

Dear Al and Team Elmer's,

As the big red "Team Elmer's" crane was leaving town last week we knew that the enjoyable construction of our Veterans Pier was reaching a significant milestone. Residents and visitor's to Indian River this summer have been entertained with some of the finest workmanship this town has ever seen. Sure we were eager to have the Pier, I don't think anyone thought the guys building it would be so talented. Your guys, Greg, Brad, and Matt, along with a few others from time to time, have impressed everyone that spent any time at all watching the work. From preparing the site, building the base ramp to the platform area, hoisting the steel into place, and now placing the stone wall and finish grade...all steps have been completed so very well. The most common comment now is "exceeds expectation" as the Pier takes shape. The effort's and creativity of Greg, Brad, and Matt, while having such a great daily pride in their workmanship, has been outstanding.

It has truly been my pleasure to get to know these guys and visit with them on a daily basis. They will always be an important part of the "new" history of Indian River and have represented your company so very professionally. We thank you!

Dennis M. Burwell
Veterans Pier Project Committee