Construction as a Career


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Michigan Construction

Michigan Construction is supported by a community of industry employers and educational/training programs that are eagerly looking for new professionals to help build Michigan.  They are bringing attention to construction careers, ispiring people to connect with a future in construction, and uniting the industry as a whole. They provide useful information to people looking to start a career in Professional Trades. Click here to acess their website and learn more. 


Ferris State Construction Management Program

The single largest industry in the United States, construction plays a significant role in the nation's economy. As it grows in size and scope, the industry continues to provide excellent employment opportunities. By blending technical instruction in construction and engineering with a strong business education, the Construction Management program at Ferris gives students the ability to manage and supervise the entire construction process. Click here to learn more.


Northwestern Michigan College Automotive Program

Learn the hands-on skills you need to work in the automotive field and earn a degree, too. This associate in applied science degree program includes classes in brakes, electrical, engine performance and repair, suspensions and steering, automatic transmissions, heating and air conditioning, manual drivetrain and axles. In addition, you’ll take classes in math, science, communications, humanities and social science. Click here to learn more about NMC's automotive program.


Pure Michigan Talent Connect

Construction involves more than just wearing a hard hat. They’re jobs that require problem-solving abilities and math skills like calculating measurements, weights, and the ability to read blueprints. 

Skilled Trades are careers that often require less schooling and debt than a four-year degree. These jobs are in demand for fields like healthcare, information technology, advanced manufacturing, construction and automotive. Once seen exclusively as a world of manual labor, today’s Skilled Trades jobs offer a wide array of opportunities for high school and community college students.

Employers in Michigan are now seeking talent to fill these roles more than ever before. With the skills you develop through professional trades careers, you can earn a great salary and benefits sooner than you imagined.

Click here to learn more about contruction as a career and the benefits of a career in a professional trade.


Michigan Career Pathways Alliance

Michigan is bursting at the seams with diverse career opportunities. The Professional Trades alone will account for more than 500,000 jobs in our state’s economy by 2024, adding 15,000 new jobs each year during that time. The Michigan Career Pathways Alliance initiatives seek to improve access to multiple pathways to good jobs in Michigan. Click here for more information.


Career Tech Center Construction Trades Program

CONSTRUCTION TRADES offers the opportunity to use power tools and work with building materials, learn carpentry, masonry, drywall, and roofing, and learn academic and college credit. Click here for more information.

Career Tech Center Automotive Technology Program

The Automotive Technology class is a two-year program. The areas covered in the program include: Basic Automotive Repair and Maintenance, Electrical, Engine Performance, Brakes, and Steering and Suspension. Click here for more information.

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