Septic Tank

white cloud septic tank

What is a concrete septic tank?

A concrete septic tank is a container, single or dual-chamber, made of concrete material. A concrete septic tank is the most popular type of septic tank due to its strength, weight, and durability. A heavier concrete septic tank lowers the risk of "floating" in high water tables compared to fiberglass or high-density plastic septic tanks. 

Need a new septic tank?

Team Elmer's manufactures concrete septic tanks at four different Northern Michigan locations (Harrison, Ludington, Manistee, and White Cloud) and installs septic tank systems in the Traverse City area. 
Here is a list of commercial and residential septic tank sizes available at each plant:

  • 250 gallon drywell
  • 275 gallon pump chamber
  • 800, 1000, 1250, and 1600 gallon single chamber septic tank
  • 1200 and 1600 gallon dual chamber septic tank
  • Infiltrator Leach Field Chamber


How is a concrete septic tank made?

Check out how and why our Ludington Plant makes concrete septic tanks in this video:


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