Site Development

excavator operator in excavator cab with debris of demolished building

Leave the details to Team Elmer's. Our quality operators and hard-working crews care about your project. Team Elmer's owns an assortment of machinery to accomplish all your earthmoving needs.

Site preparation services include:

  • Demolition Services
  • Earth Balancing
  • Grading
  • Ground Heater
  • On-site drain field installation
  • Piling
  • Railroad Side Car Loading Docks
  • Shoreline Protection
  • Tree Clearing and Stump Removal
  • Trucking
  • Underground Utility Installation


Team Elmer's also employs GPS (Global Positioning System) into our site development projects. The GCS900 (Grade Control System 3D Automatic Control) from Trimble puts design surfaces, grades, and alignments inside the cab. You can operate the system in a completely stakeless environment and grade to an accuracy of 0.1 ft.

Bottom line: GPS takes what the Engineers & Surveyors see on a computer screen and turns it into a hands-on product out in the real world.

How It Works:
1) A design surface is built in AutoCAD from construction plans and is uploaded to the GCS900.

2) We perform site-calibration on-site. A site-calibration converts the design surface coordinates to GPS coordinates which allows the D6T to know its location relative to the site.

3) The dozer operator can then drive anywhere on-site and know the precise cut or fill to finished grade. The blade of the dozer is controlled by the GPS unit and will follow the design surface.

4) The package also included a Rover unit that can be used on-site separate from the dozer to check grades, calculate the volume of materials, and supply survey stakes.


Earth Moving

Our versatile fleet includes:

  • All-Terrain Haul Trucks
  • GPS guided D6 dozers
  • Challenger scraper - 30 yard capacity per load
  • Rover
  • Challenger with ktec pan
  • Scraper with paddles
  • Challenger with miskins pans
  • Two GPS-capable pans

Home Office:

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