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What type of driveway is best?

A creative, practical driveway is a unique way to add value and décor to your home. Whether you’re updating your existing driveway or taking on new construction, you have more options today than ever.

Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt paved driveways are a common and cost-effective choice. They are durable, flexible, and strong, making them ideal for colder climates like northern Michigan where freeze/thaw cycles occur on a frequent basis. Asphalt tends to be the most cost-effective impervious surface available. 

Concrete Driveway

A concrete paved driveway allows for endless creativity. Whereas asphalt driveways are limited to a black hue with an oxidation process that weathers the color density over time (some can apply color similar to an asphalt tennis court application which can be cost-prohibitive), concrete driveways can be customized to almost any color and texture pattern you prefer. Or really step it up with polished concrete highlighted with colored stone. 

Traditional asphalt paved driveways and concrete provide consistent performance throughout the seasons. However, incorporating geothermal technology gives these headlining materials an extra kick. In addition to easier snow removal, this also works well for outdoor hot tub or pool areas, making your walk from house to the hot tub feel a lot shorter in our cold winter months.  

Gravel or Stone Pebble Driveway

Among the more understated and elegant options, gravel or stone pebble driveways are also durable and the most cost-effective. They also require more long term maintenance and snow removal may cause some challenges with the loose stone.

What are some of the best options for those looking to keep their footprint minimal? Pervious concrete offers a double win for you and the environment. Gone are the days of sandstorm runoff and puddling on your property after a rainstorm. The composition of this concrete acts as a filter for water while maintaining a solid surface.

Asphalt | Award-Winning

Team Elmer's is a recipient of a National Asphalt Association Diamond Achievement award for environmental quality and community contributions.

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