Micro Piles

micro piles marion

Also called mini piles, micro piles are used for underpinning. They are normally made of steel of various diameters and are ideal for use in low headroom or otherwise restricted areas and for specialty or smaller scale projects. Hollow bar shafts are left in the ground via a sacrificial bit and grout displaces the soil as it is extracted. Micro piles are often grouted as shaft bearing piles but non-grouted micro piles are also common as end-bearing piles.

Benefits of Micro Piles

  • Dense or rocky soil
  • Installation not impeded by soil obstruction
  • Economical
  • Friction and end bearing pile


  • Wait 4-7 days for grout to cure
  • Time-sensitive installation process
  • No data while installing
  • Load test for data after 7 days

Micro Piles at Work

Click here to learn how Team Elmer's used micro piles to remove more than 15,000 tons of contaminated dirt from Butch's Tackle and Marina in Bellaire as part of a complete soil remediation project.

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