Team Elmer's

Green Initiatives

Team Elmer's is committed to implementing "green" initiatives throughout all aspects of our company: People, Policy, Procedures, Products, Actions, and Certifications.


  • Full- time Environmental Compliance Officer
  • Resident Licensed Professional Engineer with over 15 years of experience designing, inspecting, and monitoring soil erosion and storm water management plans.
  • Seven NPDES Certified Storm Water Operators ensure facility is meeting state requirements, minimizing the risks and impact of storm water pollution at plant locations and on jobsites.
  • Certified Visual Emissions Evaluator to ensure operations meet Federal Method 9 requirements for dust control and other visual emissions.
  • Two State Certified 'Class A' Fuel Tank Operators who monitor, document, and ensure our facilities' fuel tanks remain secure, safe, and environmentally sound.

Policies & Procedures

  • MDEQ Air Quality Permit – Asphalt Operations
    • Longer stacks than required to reduce emissions and odor to community.
  • MDEQ Air Permit for Crushing Operations
    • Fugitive Dust Plan to reduce dust during operations; water spray bars to control dust and all equipment is NSPS certified to operate under dust producing thresholds.
  • EPA required Pollution Incident Prevention Plan (PIPP)
    • Prevention and containment of spill hazards.
  • Enclosed Asphalt Load Out area to reduce air emissions from load out procedure.
  • Facility Fuel Tanks
    • Larger fuel tanks are equipped with ongoing computer system monitoring and reporting.
  • Reduce Fuel consumption through 6 point check system on fleet of vehicles.
    • Engine Tuning I : Reduce engines' top speed.
    • Engine Tuning II : Program engines to shut off after 10 minutes idle time.
    • Change Tire Type : Install super single tires with reduced rolling friction versus standard dual tire system.
    • Properly Inflate Tire : Maximum pressure on tire side may not be best for vehicle. Check manual
    • Equipment Changes : Purchase smooth sided trailers when updating fleet to reduce wind resistance and raise fuel efficiency.
    • Scheduling Efficiencies : Move equipment to job site rather than back to yard during interim.

Products, Actions, and Certifications

  • Recycle used oil from our equipment for heating.
  • Testing to ensure no heavy metals, reducing emissions into air.
  • Our strict standards use ¼ of the heavy metal limits allowed by the state.
  • 2008 Michigan Recycling Coalition Recycler of the Year
  • Warm Mix Asphalt -- Reduces fuel consumption and decreases the production of greenhouse gases
  • Recrushed Asphalt Pavement (RAP)
    • Asphalt road surfaces hauled from existing jobsites, recrushed and used in new asphalt mix designs.
  • Recrushed Concrete Gravel
    • Concrete sidewalks, brick, block, and clay pipe crushed into a reusable gravel product for parking lot or driveway subgrade foundations.
  • Slag and Fly Ash in Concrete
    • LEED Certification credits using recycled manufacturing cast off materials in concrete mix designs.
  • Partner, Carbon Climate Concrete (C3)
    • Carbon Dioxide offset program reduces emissions by subsituting portland cement in concrete production.
  • Concrete Washout Containment Areas
    • Lined concrete washout area to contain sediment settling and reuse washout water.
  • Switched crushing operation at pit location from diesel to electric, reducing overall air quality emissions.
  • Switched Café to eco friendly serving products. Compostable togo cups and containers with reduced energy production used in manufacturing process.
  • Reuse paper as scratch pads prior to recycling.
  • Implemented plastic, glass, metal, paper, and cardboard company recycling program.
  • Replaced cleaning products with more environmentally friendly products.
  • Use environmentally-friendly and biodegradable citrus soap in all asphalt trucks as release agent.

Eco-Friendly Pervious Concrete

Team Elmer's employed pervious concrete for the State of Michigan at Otsego Lake State Park. Campers are delighted to note safe, flat, dry concrete surfaces -- ideal for firepits and walking -- and free of stormwater runoff. Click here to learn more.

Otsego Lake State Park pervious concrete sidewalks


Soil Remediation

Click here to learn how Team Elmer's implmented a temporary dam and dewatering system to excavate and remove 2,210 tons of contaminated soil from Boardman Lake in Traverse City.

Boardman Lake dewatering and soil remediation


Recycler of the Year

Click Here to Learn about Team Elmer's Recycler of the Year award from the Michigan Recycling Coalition.

Michigan Recycling Coalition Recycler of the Year award