Helical Tiebacks

Helical tiebacks are used to stabilize existing walls that are failing or bowing inward, or for adding strength in newly constructed walls, for retaining walls and sheet piling used for excavation or soil retention. Capabilities can reach over 200 kip and perform immediately after installation.

Why Use Helical Tiebacks

  • Poor subsoil projects
  • Immediate loading capabilities
  • Installed in tight spaces
  • 200,000 lb loading capacity without large space and equipment needs
  • Ideal in projects with less than 100,000 lb loading capacity per pier and less than 100 piers per project
  • End bearing pile
  • Instant capacity data
  • Monitor torque during install


  • Obstruction within minimum depth requirement (rocks, dense soils)
  • Will not allow load strength to be reached / will slow installation

Piles at Work

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Retaining Wall Installation

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