Family-owned for over 60 years!

In 1956, Elmer Schaub—the Elmer part of Team Elmer’s—and his wife, Edna, opened for business digging conservation ponds with a dragline crane. Soon after Elmer dug his first pond, he noticed that he needed to level off the "spoil" created by the pond digging, so he purchased a D-4 Cat bulldozer. His wife named the company "ELMER'S CRANE AND DOZER,” a name that still holds true today. Elmer Schaub ran the business until 1977 when he decided to retire and offered Russell “Butch” Broad the chance to buy the business.

Having started to work for Peninsula Asphalt on the same day Butch graduated from Traverse City Senior High, he had gained plenty of prior construction experience, gradually advancing through the grade department until he was a grade foreman. Eventually, Butch ended up as the foreman on a project in the eastbound lanes of South Airport Road next to Logan’s Landing in Traverse City.

Elmer Schaub drove by the project, skidded to a stop and came over to where Butch was sitting waiting for traffic to clear before he could leave to go home. Elmer said, “Why don’t you buy my excavation company?” Thinking that he was joking, Butch said, “Get in. We’ll go by Pacesetter Bank.” Elmer convinced Butch to look at the business, which then included seven employees, four tandems, one loader, three dozers, two crane, one lowboy and an annual earnings of $275,000. Butch went home and told his family, “I think we should look at this.”

That was in 1977, and since then, the company has continued to expand across northern Michigan while maintaining its dedication to a high-quality product and customer satisfaction. Some of our highlights include:

  • 1980 — Added hydro seeder and hired our first engineer, Gary Holcombe, who later became a part owner in the business
  • 1982 — Bought first excavator and began doing underground construction for water and sewer
  • 1983 — Purchased first crusher and started the aggregate division
  • 1987 — Purchased asphalt plant and set it up at our new Cass Street location
  • 1988 — Expanded our engineering department and purchased an excavation company from Ambrose Schaub, Elmer’s brother
  • 1990 — Bought a concrete plant and added our ready-mix concrete division
  • 1994 — Purchased Traverse Asphalt and moved to the Rennie School Road location in Traverse City
  • 1998 — Acquired Manistee location
  • 2000 — Acquired Big Rapids location
  • 2001 — Ludington and White Cloud plants come on board
  • 2002 — Cadillac plant built
  • 2004 — Houghton Lake, Beaverton, Omer, West Branch, East Tawas, and Oscoda plants joined the team
  • 2005 — Added Kalkaska crane operation and heavy haul trucking
  • 2006 — Built concrete plants in Kalkaska and the Tri-Cities/Midland area
  • 2009 — Troy Broad, Todd Broad, and Tonya Wildfong, Butch's three adult children, purchase the company
  • 2010 — Acquired Drenth Brothers pit properties in Ellsworth, MI
  • 2010 — Acquired Concrete Designs, Inc, a concrete cutting and piling company that services the entire state of Michigan
  • 2011 — Purchased Mohawk Transport
  • 2012 — Purchased Cordes Excavating in Hillman, Michigan

Today, the name Team Elmer’s encompasses Elmer’s Crane & Dozer, Inc., Elmer’s Esphalt, and Elmer’s Concrete, among others. With all of our improvements, we have only begun to scratch the surface of what is to come with the future of Elmer’s. We can only reach that future by continuing our commitment to integrity, quality and service.


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