4 Mile & Hammond Roundabout

4 Mile & Hammond Roundabout aerial image

Project Overview

Challenge: Roundabout installation in high volume corridor while maintaining westbound traffic and access to area properties.

Solution: Put safety first, keep businesses informed, and work as a team to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Roundabouts reduce the number and severity of collisions in highly travelled intersections, and aid in the continual flow of traffic. According to the Federal Highway Administration and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, roundabouts reduce fatal collisions by 90 percent, injury collisions by 75 percent, and overall collisions by 37 percent. Roundabouts also account for just eight conflict points, vs. 32 conflict points at a four-way signal.

Stemming from an East-West Corridor study and based on the increased safety roundabouts provide, the Grand Traverse County Road Commission decided to place a roundabout at the busy 4 ... Read more

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Project Details

Grand Traverse County Road Commission
Traverse City, MI
Joseph Slonecki, P.E.

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Home Office:

231.943.8975  Fax

P.O. Box 6150
3600 Rennie School Rd.
Traverse City, MI   49685