Cedar Street Sewer Project

manistee buried trenchbox blown out catch basin

Project Overview

Challenge: Orchestrating tasks for 25-35 workers, deep invert depths

Solution: Good leadership, trench box technology

Team Elmer’s has achieved a royal flush in Manistee.

Previously, the city’s sanitary sewer and the storm sewer were two parts of one system. Both would flow to the Manistee Waste Water Treatment Facility for treatment, and additional storm sewer volume being treated would cost the taxpayers money. The problem was during a significant storm event, the treatment facility would be over capacity and overflow volumes would release both storm water and sanitary sewer water directly into the Manistee River.

The City of Manistee’s planning effort resulted in the lines slated for upgrade and separation. Team Elm... Read more

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Project Details

City of Manistee
Manistee, Michigan
James Johnson (231) 723-1198

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3600 Rennie School Rd.
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