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Gaylord Streetscape

September 14, 2016


PROJECT NAME: Gaylord Streetscape

CHALLENGE: Carrying out work in a limited space, with open sidewalks and only one lane closure; meeting lofty expectations of local development groups; handling an intense project timeframe
SOLUTION: Working hard, staying patient, and bringing in the finest subcontractors possible


OWNER: MDOT, City of Gaylord
CONTRACT AMOUNT:$1,975,366.77

LOCATION: City of Gaylord, Otsego County
DATE STARTED: September 14, 2016
DATE COMPLETED: August 04, 2017


PARTNERS: Bella Concrete, Central Michigan Contracting, Johnston’s Landscaping, LSP Electric, Rieth-Riley Construction, Ben Gowell-Gaylord TSC


Until recently, the downtown area in Gaylord, Michigan was characterized by infrastructure falling rapidly into disrepair. Ahead of a recent high-profile downtown improvement project—a project that Team Elmer’s led in the fall of 2016—Gaylord Herald Times noted issues with “crumbling sidewalks, curbs, and aging underground infrastructure.” It was no wonder that the Gaylord Downtown Development Authority was pushing to give Gaylord’s downtown area a facelift and turn it into “more of a destination.”


Working alongside a team of subcontractors, Team Elmer’s excavation crews took to a pair of Downtown Gaylord streets—Main Street and South Otsego Avenue—to remove deteriorating curb and gutter and begin work on the revitalization. The job involved everything from full reconstruction and restoration of the outdated storm sewer and gutter systems to placement of new sidewalks. Paving and concrete work—including decorative concrete—was necessary to construct new sidewalks in accordance with the Gaylord Streetscape plan, as were new ramps compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.


The project wasn’t without its challenges. While Team Elmer’s was able to close one lane of traffic on South Otsego Avenue to carry out the project work, Main Street remained open in its standard five-lane configuration for the duration of the job. Even the sidewalks remained open during the project, creating a tight construction site for Team Elmer’s and our various subcontractors. An intense timeframe and high expectations from the community only added to the difficulty level.


With hard work and patience, though, Team Elmer’s was able to overcome challenges and get the project done on time. When all was said and done, Gaylord’s main downtown streets had new sidewalks, improvements to underground utilities, a landscaping overhaul, and a fresh asphalt SURFACE. Now, Downtown Gaylord is revitalized and aesthetically stunning—the kind of bustling, beautiful area that charms locals and draws out-of-town visitors. Hopefully, it can become the kind of county epicenter that the Gaylord Downtown Development Authority envisioned at the ONSET of the project.


By the Numbers

  • Aggregate Base: 6,358 Syd
  • Sanitary Sewer: 951 Ft
  • Hot Mix Asphalt: 2,667 Tons
  • Concrete Pavement: 2,161 Syd
  • Curb & Gutter: 5,808 Ft
  • Conduit: 4,910 Ft
  • Water Main: 2,748 Ft
  • Water Service: 4,205 Ft
  • Sidewalk & Ramp: 32,300 Sqft

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