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Grand Marais Water Repairs

April 1, 2013

PROJECT: Burt Township Water Improvements
CHALLENGE: Install nearly six miles of water utilities while maintaining traffic access and avoiding water outages for residents
SOLUTION: Patient workers and thoughtful planning

OWNER: Burt Township
CONTRACT OWNER: $4,043,159
DESIGN ENGINEER: U.P. Engineers & Architects, 906-482-4810
LOCATION: Burt Township, Grand Marais, Michigan
PARTNERS: Payne & Dolan, E&M Mechanical

Before Team Elmer’s came along, the Grand Marais water system had been operating since World War II. The cast iron piping began to break down and required constant maintenance to keep the town’s water supply flowing. It soon became evident to township officials that a system overhaul was necessary. Bolstered by a rural development grant and loan package, Burt Township enlisted Team Elmer’s as the primary contractor for the project, which broke ground in July 2012.

Team Elmer’s dug up the old system and installed the new—a network of heavy six and eight-inch pipes and water valves supplied by Etna Supply that, by the end of the project, spanned roughly 30,000 feet (six miles!) in length. We also connected 285 water meters to ensure fair and consistent billing for residents and businesses. We installed fifty new fire hydrants that will allow for lower insurance costs due to increased accessibility.

In addition to the physical work, the crews maintained access to homes and businesses during construction, even earning notice from a pair of Grand Marais residents.

“I just want to tell you about your guys working here in Grand Marais,” said Janie and Nelson Dowe in an email. “What a great crew: they are so courteous and patient with all the traffic in town this time of year. They are a great asset to your company and we would welcome them back at any time. They do your company proud.”

The bulk of the project is expected to be completed by November, with final installation stages and restoration work to take place next spring. When all is said and done, Team Elmer’s will leave the town with updated pipes, including new pavement and landscaping to repair the spots where digging had to occur.

We’re grateful for the opportunity to help Grand Marais, leaving the township with a state-of-the-art water system, and an end to the leaky pipes and unscheduled maintenance.

By The Numbers

  • 20,000 lineal ft. - 8” Water Main
  • 9,000 lineal ft.   - 6” Water Main
  • 1,500 lineal ft.   - 10” Water Main – directionally bored underground (no digging)
  • 7,850 lineal ft    - 1” Copper Service Line
  • 61 each              - Hydrant Valve Assembly (new and salvaged)
  • 295 each            - Curb Stop and Box (3/4” – 2”)
  • 303 each            - Water Meters (3/4” – 3” and Types A, B, and C)
  • 28,233 sq yds    - 2” Bituminous Pavement
  • 12,700 sq yds    - 3” and 4” Bituminous Pavement
  • 6,000 sq yds      - 6” Aggregate Surface – 23A
  • 45,733 sq yds    - 8” Aggregate Base
  • 47,233 sq yds    -12” Granular Subbase
  • 11,420 sq ft       - 5” Concrete Sidewalk/Driveway
  • 425 cubic yds    - Rock Excavation
  • 33,220 lineal ft  -  2” Rigid Insulation
  • 25,500 lineal ft  -Turf Restoration

Click here to download a PDF of "Grand Marais Water Improvements"


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