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Hammond Road Water Main

August 1, 2016

PROJECT NAME: Hammond Road Water Main Loop
CHALLENGE: Creating new water main loop to connect to an existing water tower and brand new water tower structure; large project area
SOLUTION: Strong project design; consistent and staged planning; leaving the worksite better than we found it

OWNER: East Bay Charter Township
CONTRACT AMOUNT: $2,379,320.00
LOCATION: Hammond Road, Traverse City
PARTNERS: Bella Concrete, Give 'Em A Brake Safety, Windemuller Electric, Lowe Construction

East Bay Charter Township was adding a new water tower and water main loop. The township had limited water storage capacity, which meant that its existing water towers, storage tanks, and mains were at capacity.

In fact, according to the state, they were already past their limits. State requirements demanded that East Bay Charter Township increase its water storage capacity, which meant incorporating a brand new water tower into the existing system. Team Elmer's was hired to make the necessary improvements.

The state's request for increased water capacity added more residential capacity, service, and water pressure, as well as increased public safety. Indeed, a compelling reason that East Bay needed a second water tower was to have more water capacity for fire emergencies.

For maximum efficiency and functionality, Team Elmer's assisted the new water tower installation and built a loop in the water main to connect the new tower to an older tower. Now, both towers supply water to an extensive water main system that runs throughout much of the East Bay Charter Township, from Hammond Road to the subdivisions of Holiday Road. Fire hydrants are dotted all along the main, to provide optimal fire protection to as many people, homes, and businesses as possible.

All told, the new installation includes one water tower, a 300,000-gallon storage tank and the new water mains. And while the new tower, tank, and mains will start off by serving purely public safety needs, they are poised to serve future residential connections. At the moment, many residents in the impacted areas are using private water wells for their in-home water needs. However, now that a municipal water main runs through the area, residents have the option to tap into the main and start using city water services.

The main challenge was the sheer scope of the job. Starting at East Bay Calvary Church (on Hammond Road) and running to Six Mile Road and north into Holiday Hills, the project encompassed thousands of feet of water main and 55 fire hydrant installations.

In addition, Team Elmer's had to rebuild nearly 2,500 feet of curb and re-grade the road in spots where the water main was installed. Luckily, East Bay Charter Township was impressed. Glen Lile, the East Bay Township Supervisor, praised Team Elmer's for the reconstruction work, commenting that it looked "beautiful" and "better than when they started." Way to go, team!

By The Numbers

  • 9,820 feet of 12-inch ductile iron main
  • 9,500 feet of 12-inch PVC C-9000 water main
  • 55 fire hydrant assemblies
  • 2 pressure reducing stations
  • 2,490 lineal feet of bituminous curb

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