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Holiday Road Resurrection

July 19, 2013

Challenge: Executing a project in an area with high-population density and limited access, constantly maintaining traffic, widening road without disrupting nearby residents, completing a large volume of work with limited disruption
Solution: Constant traffic direction and robotic project planning

Owner: Grand Traverse County Road Commission
Contract Amount: $1,357,802.01
Design Engineer: James P. Johnson
Location: Holiday Road, Grand Traverse County
Date Started: May 13, 2013
Date Completed: July 19, 2013
Self-Perfromed: 88%
Partners: Hunt Bros, J&J Builders, P.K. Contracting; Funding from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians

For years, Holiday Road, the busy gateway to the suburban areas of Traverse City’s Holiday Hills, has been plagued by massive potholes and disintegrating shoulders. Thanks to the devoted and tireless actions of some of Holiday Road’s more vocal residents, as well as a generous grant from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians, in coordination with the Grand Traverse County Road Commission,Team Elmer’s went to work to fix the problem once and for all.

Considering Holiday Road’s high-traffic nature, this project was never going to be a simple one. Holiday Hills is the area that 1,300 Grand Traverse County families call home. That high density population is handicapped somewhat by a small number of access points into their neighborhoods. As a result, Elmer’s did a balancing act of sorts between vigilant traffic control and what was, in essence, a complete overhaul of the Holiday Road area.

Beginning with the crushing and removal of existing pavement, Elmer’s trenched shoulders, added drainage ditches, and moved 73 mailboxes for all directly-impacted households. By the time the project wrapped, the roadway had been widened by ten feet, allowing for two eleven-foot traffic lanes and a pair of five-foot shoulders. The enhancements should support every type of traffic, from drivers to cyclists to pedestrians, while also adding an attractive visual refinement to Holiday Road that has been absent for years.

 By using state-of-the-art robotic equipment, Elmer’s was able to accurately plan and execute the new roadway design within 1/100th of an inch. The high-tech equipment even helped to predict and correct several design changes, saving Elmer’s precious time and assuring Holiday Hills residents had their road re-built and opened for traffic as quickly as possible.

Team Elmer’s even took a bit of time to drive up to Mt. Holiday Ski Resort, where they helped set a tow tower, create a gravel parking lot, and provide general topsoil restoration for the local ski resort. Theresa Galante, Mt. Holiday’s Executive Director, was especially complimentary of Elmer’s and their willingness to go the extra mile.

“For years it has been a game of dodge-hole for vehicle and bicycle traffic, frightening for parents of young children,” Galante said. “Now we can all use Holiday Road safely...Elmer’s additionally has donated countless loads of fill, helped with excavating/erosion issues and erected the final tower for Tucker’s Tow at Mt. Holiday. Elmer’s generosity to Mt. Holiday has been tremendous, proving once again what a wonderful community partner they are.”

Click here to read notes of gratitude from area residents.

By the Numbers

Modified Aggregate Base: 10,895 Tons
Hot Mix Asphalt Base Crushing and Shaping: 34,143 Square Yards
Gravel: 14,694 Tons
Trenching: 176 Stations
Culverts: 2,004 Feet
Paving: 8,910 Tons
Concrete Curb and Gutter: 2,928 Feet
Mailboxes Moved and Reset: 73

Click here to download a PDF of "Holiday Road Resurrection"


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