Indiana County Line Landfill

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Project Overview

Challenge: Clay liner density and moisture control, rain event, quick response

Solution: Just add water, be prepared

Republic Waste had a short timeline and a tall order to fill – constructing a new seven-acre landfill cell with 193,550 cubic yards of earth excavation. Team Elmer’s answered the challenge, travelling all the way to Indiana, ensuring perfect conditions were met in creating an addition to the Hoosier State’s County Line Landfill.

The clay liner is the biggest hurdle to overcome. The process consists of: placing the clay in 6-inch lifts with the scrapers; grading with the GPS guided D-6 dozer; disking with the Rome disc and Challenger; adding lots of water with the Husky water wagon hooked to another Challenger; ... Read more

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Project Details

Republic Waste
Argos, Indiana

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