Lake Kathleen Dam Removal

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Project Overview

Challenge: Rising lake levels during storm events

Solution: Modified the cofferdam concept using siphons to draw down the lake prior to construction

The Maple River in northern Michigan hasn’t been in its natural flowing state for a little over 100 years. But in recent years, the Conservation Resource Alliance (CRA) in Traverse City has been leading the way to restore the Maple River to a natural flow pattern.
The last large blockage was the Lake Kathleen Dam in Pellston, MI and after a year of planning, the CRA had a finalized plan in 2017. Team Elmer’s took on the project and started in early August of 2018.
Weather is often an issue, and Team Elmer’s works to find solutions to keep working through it. The Lake Kathleen dam removal project tested Team ... Read more

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Project Details

Conservation Resource Alliance
Brutus, MI
Spicer Group, INC.

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